Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What will they say now?

Soon, Romney will lead in the Flordia polls. So, it begs the question: What will the media give as an excuse for Romney's popularity?

I can picture Chris Mathews saying the following:"Mitt Romney is now taking the lead among Republicans in Florida, which has to be expected because his father was once a governor of all those "mormons"....well no.... maybe it's because he has spent the most time and money no wait that was Rudy........actually, I have no idea why Romney is leading!!! Then in comes a voice on Mathews' ear thing... Oooh, (mathews says) Romney is leading because he has all of the money and he can just write his campaign a big check!"

I just love watching the liberal media trying to make up excuse after excuse for the fact that Romney is the leading Republican. Perhaps a win in Florida and then in California will shut them up. Not likely...but it is fun to watch anyway.


MarkMyWord said...

Yes, and they'll be sure to add how it was a "much-needed" win for Mitt, whose campaign was "hanging by a thread," etc., even though he was already leading in delegates, etc.

They might try to blame the weather, too, saying it was either too rainy or too nice for all those thousands and thousands of voters they just KNOW would vote for McCain, Huckabee or Rudy if the dang weather would just cooperate!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the anti-Romney spin coming out of the mainstream media is disgusting. It's almost if if they forgot that thousands and thousands of people have liked him enough to vote for him. If you were to believe the press, Romney doesn't "really" have any supporters. But the facts tell different story. Romney's got more votes than any other Republican candidate so far, and I expect that to continue.

Anonymous said...

Remember how the MSM proclaimed Gore the winner in 2000 the night of the elections? We all woke up to see that in fact Bush won? Or how they lamented we lost in Iraq and the next day Iraquis are pulling down that statue of Saddam? THAT'S when i was sure that MSM=science fiction with an agenda. The MITT fabrications will prove to be more of the same, NO DOUBT.

Anonymous said...

Having the most money doesn't mean a thing. His message STILL has to resonate with people. Who cares about all the adds you can buy if you have all the wrong policy positions. Obviously people like Romney's vision...they arean't lemmings voting for him just because he can be on the air waves more. He still has to have substance and he does.

HTS said...

They're going to say in so many words that Romney exploited the declining stock market and planted fear in the hearts of all of those unsuspecting retired people, telling them that with his business skills he could fix things. Mark my words.