Tuesday, January 22, 2008

RedState of denial

The conservative blog RedState, or as others call it "fredstate", is in a "state" alright, a state of denial.

I had to rub my eyes as I read that Erick Erickson is encouraging Fred-Heads to still vote for Thompson (who has dropped out) on Feb. 5 as long as his name is on the ballot. See this moronic link.

Erick, it is time to let go. Fred is a great guy, and a good conservative. We will miss his sense of humor and especially his jabs at the Huckster...but it is time to regroup and fight a new fight.

We know, you thought that your blog could pull Fred through...but it is time to let go of the fight. Fred has let go...now it's time for you to do the same.

There there...Erick Erickson. You and your repetitive-sounding name should now just let go.

By the way, were you this broken up when Tommy Thompson dropped out? After all, he has a repetitive-sounding name too!


Anonymous said...

Haw HAW repetitive sounding name! Just let go, E squared. In with the good air, out with the Fred.

Lon Gibson said...

I just wrote a new song that will hopefully sway Thompson supporters to vote for Romney instead.

Check it out:

Mitt Romney for President!!!

Coach said...

Awesome post.

Just give them some time, they have to go through all those stages of grieving...