Saturday, January 19, 2008


Mitt Romney crushed the GOP competition in Nevada for his second straight gold medal. With first place wins in Michigan, Wyoming, and Nevada, to go along with his strong second place finishes in Iowa and New Hampshire, Mitt Romney now has three gold medals and two silvers. No other candidate can claim such success. Romney now leads by a wide margin in the delegate count, ensuring that even with top tier finishes in South Carolina and Florida, he'll be very competitive on Super Tuesday.

With respect to Florida, Romney stands an excellent chance of pulling out the win, especially if Fred Thompson drops out after South Carolina, in which case Romney will pull much of his support. I've said it before and I'll say it again, if Mitt Romney wins Florida it's game over for the other GOP candidates--and onto the nomination for Mitt.

To read the story of Romney's landslide victory in Nevada click here.


ZeGear said...

I want Mitt to win so much I've made a stylish shirt design especially for women to show their support. I call it my "Romney Chick" shirt...

Good luck Mitt, I'll be voting for you!

Anonymous said...

I wonder, is Florida nuts like South Carolina? Who would vote for Huck and McCainster over Mitt and Fred? These were Republicans? Maybe not.

Christopher said...

Florida will be an Awesome primary, where the Demo's can't cross campaigns and mess up the race. Seems like the whole gang is going to Flordia with Thompson included so every vote will be hard fought for by every canidate.

Romney has done a good job by getting there early and need to only worry about keeping on message and being positive.

Huck will be worried about McCain and Thompson will be worried about Rudy, so they'll biting each others ankles and trying to out do each other.

Anonymous said...

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