Saturday, June 30, 2007

Dogs love the wind!

Call PETA, this dog should have been sitting in the back seat of this truck, with his seatbelt on. Clearly the dog is terrified of being in the back of this truck going 60 mph.

I randomly caught this today as I merged onto the freeway.

Animal Cruelty

While driving today I caught extreme animal cruelty with my digital camera. A trailer of bulls on its way to a rodeo - the humanity! Or, er, animanity! Those poor bulls with wind in their faces!

More animal crulety - bulls riding in a caged trailer!

If you look close at this trailer, you'll see that these bulls were so absolutely terrified of being exposed to the wind that they had the same loss of bowel control that Seamus had! Since sheer terror is, of course, the only explanation for such bowel releases among animals.

Friday, June 29, 2007

PETA Don't Know Dogs!

If there is one love universally shared by all dogs, it is the joy of the wind in their faces. I wish I had a video of the Romney station wagon in 1983 with the dog on top. As Mitt has mentioned, the dog loved it up in the kennel - with the wind in his face and a bird's eye view, nothing could be better.

In my mind's eye I can picture the kennel, windshield and all, getting strapped to the luggage rack on the car's roof. I can then see Rufus running excitedly toward his traveling perch. As the car takes off, Rufus pushes toward the side of the kennel and sticks his nose into the wind, wishing the windshield were NOT blocking the most visceral and enjoyable part of the experience.

I suppose the people who are miffed about this have never ridden a motorcycle or in a convertible. As a person with a dog-like affinity for the wind in his face, I say lay off Mitt and his dog. If Rufus could talk he'd be telling these PETA folks that they're idiots, and that they don't know dogs!

Honestly, this has nothing to do with animals. It's all politics. Desperate for something negative to say about the only conservative candidate with a real chance of winning, liberals are digging deep to criticize Romney. Ironically, PETA's hyperventilating about a Mitt presidency is actually strengthening his support among conservative primary voters in the same way a pro-abortion group against Romney increases his clout among pro-lifers. So PETA, Mitt thanks you for your support.

Vote on this straw poll

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My Primary Prediction

Okay folks, here is my bold (and highly probable) prediction on how the primaries will shake out (after Mitt knocks it out of the park in the Ames straw poll in August, of course):

1) Monday, January 14, 2008 - Iowa
Romney will smoke the competition in this one and it will set the stage for his eventual victory. I think he'll get a HUGE 45% of the vote!

2) Saturday, January 19, 2008 - Nevada
Mitt won a recent poll in Nevada and the momentum is going his direction. Fred Thompson is also doing well in Nevada, but I predict deflating support for Thompson once voters really get to know him (the Giuliani effect - famous name that polls well early on, but degrades over time). Polls in early January will have a close race between Thompson and Romney, but the Iowa caucuses will give Mitt a boost and he'll take Nevada by a decent margin.

3a) Tuesday, January 22, 2008 - New Hampshire
Are you kidding?! There is no question that Mitt is going to win in New Hampshire. After winning both Iowa and Nevada, he'll blow out NH!

3b) Tuesday, January 22, 2008 - Wyoming
I can't find any polls but being so close to Utah and having seen Mitt work his magic with the Olympics, I can't imagine Wyoming not going for Mitt. But even if it didn't go Romney (despite the aforementioned win in nearby and similarly rural Iowa), that news would be overshadowed by the more important and historical New Hampshire win. (If anyone knows about Wyoming polls, let me know...)

4) Tuesday, January 29, 2008 - Florida
This is where it gets interesting. Currently, Romney trails both Giuliani and Thompson in Florida. Mitt has been above 10% recently, but some of his steam is being taken by Thompson of late. Again, I expect support for Thompson to wane once people realize he doesn't have the family values, intelligence, charisma, experience, ideas, or character of Romney. Plus, unfounded concerns over Mitt's abortion credentials will work their way into Thompson's run (see ). In the end, it all boils down to how closely Floridians are watching the preceding races. If they watch and follow, it goes to Romney. If they vote blindly, it may go Giuliani or Thompson. I predict Mitt squeaks out a win - he's definitely got the best team in Florida.

5) Saturday, February 2, 2008 - South Carolina
The story here is pretty much the same as Florida. It all depends on the impact of the preceding states. Watch for some religious bigotry against Romney, along with a backlash. Also watch for Giuliani's support to evaporate once his pro-abortion stance fully comprehended. I think Romney will have a hard time winning, but he'll get 2nd place.

6) Super Dooper Tuesday, February 5, 2008:
Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia, and maybe more!
For the most part, the OVERALL winner of the first 6 states listed above will be the de facto winner in these states. If my prediction holds, and Mitt wins 5 of the 6 (or even 4 of the 6), and has the most precious prizes of Iowa and NH, he'll take most of these states and become the nominee!!!

So, as Mitt continues to work Florida and South Carolina this fall, his support will rise and he'll be set to devastate the completion. Mitt's going to be our nominee!

BTW, I just found a couple great resources in Wikipedia that I referenced in putting this together:

Monday, June 25, 2007

Mitt's Harvard Years

Okay, so I should probably take back the mean comments I mader earlier about the Boston Globe. The recent slew of articles on Mitt have been quite fair. Let's hope it continues...

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Can They Not Help Themselves?

Here is an AP article discussing more recent attempts of presidential opponents' campaign staff attempting to attack Mitt's religion. Can Sen. McCain or Mayor Guliani's teams not help themselves? Do their campaigns really lack that much insightful and meaningful policy agendas? Do they really lack this much leadership that Mitt's opponents have to keep defaulting to faith? Hey, let's stick to policy issues and what matters most--true leadership.

Good news in light of SOME GOP's campaign boredoms?...Mitt keeps his message strong and continues to hustle and by keeping his staff inspired and motivated for all the right reasons.

The Making of Mitt Romney

This is from the super-liberal Boston Globe, so take it with a grain of salt, but it does give insight into Mitt's early years...

Good Romney Article in the Washington Post

Saturday, June 23, 2007

The first (and only unbiased) Boston Globe article on Romney

This is really interesting. How did the liberal Boston Globe view Mitt Romney before they realized he was a conservative political powerhouse? As you will see from this article from November 1993, the Globe was in awe of Romney's accomplishments and didn't make any attempts at spinning his story, achievements, or positions. This was written before Romney even formally announced his bid for the Senate, and way before he got the Republican party's nomination as Kennedy's opponent. It didn't take long for the Globe to realize that Mitt was a threat to Democrats and liberals, and soon after this article, they turned on the spin machine, and it's been that way ever since.

So enjoy the first and last spin-free Globe article on Romney:

Copyright 1993 Globe Newspaper Company
The Boston Globe
November 14, 1993
By John H. Kennedy, Globe Staff

Since W. Mitt Romney came to Massachusetts more than 20 years ago he has attained notable success in business, most recently helping to reverse the flagging fortunes of prominent management consulting firm Bain & Co.But in the back of his mind he's also been thinking about Edward M. Kennedy. "Probably since a year or two after I got here," says Romney, smiling.

Now Romney, the 46-year-old son of former Michigan governor George Romney, is making plans to challenge the US senator next year.Long shot? To be sure. Suicide mission? Some would say. It doesn't seem to daunt Romney, a political novice but respected businessman who helped right Bain & Co. recently and earlier helped launch Bain Capital Inc., a separate venture capital firm. Taking risks, says Romney, has been a part of his professional portfolio for years. "It's what I do," he offers from across a conference table in his Copley Place office.

Although he has made no formal announcement, Romney has hired pollster Richard Wirthlin, conferred with Republican officials in Boston and Washington, and even put his 86-year-old father on the telephone with state Republican Committee members."I realize the long odds," said Romney. "I want to make sure that this time Ted has a very articulate, aggressive, well-financed opponent who provides a real choice."

Although both Kennedy and Romney come with political pedigrees, Romney's supporters are already contrasting the businessman, a squeaky-clean Mormon family man, with Kennedy, whose rakish image has only recently been softened by a second marriage."He was always someone you would say, 'Why can't we have someone like that in politics?' " says Chip Baird, a former Bain partner, friend and investment partner. "He comes across as too good to be true, and it's true," Baird says. "And that's what makes him an interesting contrast.

"Romney, who followed his high school sweetheart to Brigham Young University and remains a leader in the Mormon Church, has no shortage of friends, colleagues and even competitors to sing his praises.Says George Bennett, an early Bain & Co. principal who now heads Symmetrix, a rival consulting company: "I have never heard anyone say anything derogatory or mean spirited about Mitt Romney. I can't say that about many of my competitors."That certainly will change, should Romney take the full plunge into the rough-and-tumble world of Massachusetts politics. And two questions arise, aside from his positions on specific issues: Is his skin thick enough? And, is he prepared for the prospect of failure?

Businessmen with little or no political experience have not fared well in Massachusetts politics in recent years. Rarely has a business person gained a top statewide office, or spot in the Massachusetts congressional delegation."It's not what you call a launching pad," says Republican strategist Todd Domke.Willard Mitt Romney, the youngest of four children, was born and raised in Michigan, where he attended public elementary schools and a private high school. Willard comes from J. Willard Marriott Sr., the late founder of the hotel chain and friend to his father. The Mitt comes from Mitt Romney, late cousin to his father and star athlete at the University of Chicago. (The late Mitt Romney also had two brothers, Att and Ott.)

Mitt was 15 by the time his businessman father first ran for governor in Michigan in 1962, becoming the first Republican chief executive for several years. Romney was reelected in 1964 and 1966."By the end of the last campaign for governor, I think I visited close to all 52 counties in Michigan," the son says. "To get rid of the candidate's son, they gave me a panel truck with signs painted on the side and I would go to the county fairs, set up a booth and hand out buttons."He later would stump for his mother, Lenore, who gained the Republican nomination for US Senate in 1970, only to lose to Democrat Philip Hart.The father imparted some advice about public office: Run after your children are old enough to handle the loss of privacy and after you have achieved financial stability. "And three, you've got to feel that there is a real need for the contribution you can make," says the son.

Another lesson he learned by watching. As early returns in the 1964 election trickled in, Barry Goldwater at the top of the ticket was getting trounced by Lyndon Johnson. Gathered in a Detroit hotel suite, the family heard the pollster say it was over for gubernatorial candidate Romney as well."He wasn't distraught, he wasn't destroyed," the son says now. "It was like, 'I did this for what I could contribute. If I don't win, fine.' "George Romney ended up winning that race, but failed in a bid to gain the Republican nomination for president in 1968. And the son learned the lesson. "That old quote from Teddy Roosevelt, something to the effect, 'I salute those that get into the fight, get bloody, sweaty and win or lose, they were in the fight.'

"When Romney left Harvard in 1975 with degrees in law and business administration, he joined the Boston Consulting Group. Two years later he jumped over to Bain & Co. after a Saturday morning interview with William Bain Jr., cofounder and a legendary presence in management consulting."He sort of immediately radiated intelligence," Bain says now. "At that time, he seemed a lot older than he was."Romney became a vice president in 1978, but co-workers were struck by the balance he maintained between job and family. In a business where travel and long hours are routine, Romney felt it important to make it home to see his wife, Ann, and five boys, now 12 to 23. He kept track in his calendar of the nights he got home too late to see his kids before bed, says Bain. And he was in the office early, after having made rounds to visit members of his church in the hospital. Romney is president of his stake, which is the rough equivalent of a diocese in the Roman Catholic Church.

In 1984 Bain picked Romney to head Bain Capital, a separate venture capital company that tapped money and expertise from Bain and his partners, as well as investors outside the Bain sphere.Romney posted a notice on the bulletin board seeking co-workers to join him at the new venture. "Some huge portion of the company signed up," said John Rutherford, another former "Bainie" who heads the management consulting firm Talisman Inc. in Boston. "They only wanted two people."But Romney, whose office was still just down the hall from Bill Bain's, would return to Bain to serve as chief executive for 18 months - wading into a crisis that threatened to bring down Bain & Co.By 1989 the firm's future was in jeopardy. Bain & Co. had accumulated massive debt, in part from a buyout plan Bain and some senior partners put together. This problem was compounded by a slumping economy that failed to produce the expected revenue stream and the firm's heavy dependence on too few clients. Partners, disgruntled with Bain and the slow transition to a next generation of leadership, began leaving.

Romney was asked to step in temporarily to help restructure the company. "At the time, the odds looked long," he says. "I was nervous." One banker said chances for success were 10 percent, according to Romney, and another admitted he had never seen a professional services firm successfully come out of a workout.Romney was seen as the perfect person for the job. He was familiar with Bain & Co. and was trusted by the splintered factions at the troubled company. So Romney "left a very cozy situation to jump into a swamp filled with alligators," says Baird, the former Bain partner. Romney says credit for the turnaround should be shared, especially by 15 partners who signed a letter pledging to stay for at least 18 months - no matter what. Romney vowed no layoffs, or he would quit the job. Costs were cut, and the cofounders agreed to put $ 25 million cash back into the company, as well as forgive millions of dollars in notes.

In putting together the rescue plan, he reached back for a bit of family business advice, consulting a Harvard Business School case study that detailed his father's financial restructuring of American Motors Corp."It just seemed a little unusual" to reach back to his father's experience 25 years earlier, says David Lord, managing editor of Consultants News, which tracks Bain and other firms. "But it worked.""I don't want to say there was no one else who could do it," said Bain, who is no longer active in the company's day-to-day affairs. "We'll never know. But he did an excellent job."Company revenues dropped from $ 242 million in 1989 to $ 175 million in 1991, according to Consultants News. They have bounced back by more than 10 percent each of the past two years, and the company projects a 15 to 20 percent increase next year, says Lord.

Through it all, senior executives held true to a set of values and loyalty to the company and its clients, says Orit Gadiesh, now chairman of the board of Bain & Co., and one of the 15 who committed to remain during the tough times. "I think we have a true north," she says.Romney, who lives in Belmont, has written Republican activists saying he plans to run. Thursday he was in Washington to visit pollster Richard Wirthlin, and had an issues briefing with Republican Senatorial Committee. And Friday night he attended a Republican Party function in Boston for Jack Kemp, former Housing and Urban Development secretary.

He says he isn't ready to detail his political positions, but was eager to distinguish himself from Kennedy. The Democrat sees problems, and thinks more government spending is a solution, says Romney. "And my view is, that isn't the answer," he says.Kennedy declined to comment about Romney's possible candidacy, but spokeswoman Pamela Hughes said the senator "has always run for the office, not against an opponent. Right now his goal is to be the best senator he can be for Massachusetts."Of course, Romney is expected to have a primary fight, with no guarantees he will ever meet Kennedy head to head.Among the Republicans talking about a bid next year are radio personality Janet Jeghelian and businessman John Lakian, an unsuccessful candidate for governor in 1982.

Domke, the Republican strategist, says political novices generally get a rude greeting from Massachusetts voters, who admire political success, effectiveness in office and clout."So those candidates, and they are usually Republicans in this state, who offer themselves as virgins are usually thrown into the volcano," says Domke. "They are sacrificed. They are not exalted."
I found this old Business Week article from exactly 5 years ago. Mitt had recently announced his candidacy for governor of Mass. and just finished his spectacular rescue of the 2002 Olympic Games...

Business Week
June 24, 2002
By William C. Symonds in Boston, with Lorraine Woellert in Washington

He didn't get the gold, but few received as much acclaim during the Winter Olympics as Mitt Romney, CEO of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee. When the telegenic Mormon multimillionaire parachuted in from Massachusetts to rescue SLOC in 1999, it was facing a $ 379 million deficit and the worst scandal in modern Olympic history. By the time the Olympic flame was extinguished in February, Romney had produced a $ 50 million surplus and near-flawless Games, despite the terror threat. ''Mitt, you did a fabulous job,'' gushed President George W. Bush at a post-Olympics celebration.

Massachusetts Republicans began talking about Romney as the great hope of a state party so weak that it doesn't hold a single seat in Congress and has only token representation in the state legislature. ''Romney is a new beginning,'' says Jonathan Fletcher, executive director of the Massachusetts Republican Party. Adds GOP consultant Scott W. Reed: ''Romney has made it a competitive race in a year we're facing a guaranteed net loss of governorships.'' Even Democrats began handicapping Romney's Presidential prospects. If he wins in Massachusetts, ''the Republican Party would clearly see Mitt as national ticket material,''

...Bain's investments created thousands of jobs.

''Romney's right-wing social views would not resonate well within this state,'' ...

With plunging revenues creating a budget gap of about $ 3 billion, ''Massachusetts is facing the most serious fiscal crisis since World War II,'' says Michael J. Widmer, president of the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation.

...Romney also predicts that he could save as much as $ 1 billion by slashing patronage, inefficiency, and other waste. And he vows to shake up failing public schools -- with English immersion classes, merit pay for teachers...

Wow, so Romney had "right-wing social views" clear back in 2002. The economy was a mess and Romney really did SAVE the Olympics. He's definately the kind of person we need in the White House.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Democrat controlled Congress has lowest polling numbers ever!

The MSM thinks that the dems have it in the bag this '08. That kind of thinking is "so 2006". This presidential election is wide open. And just who is congress? Senators McCain, Clinton, Obama, Thompson, and Edwards to name a few.

With congress' approval at an all time low, Americans will demand an outsider to clean up the mess!

See story: Gallup poll

We can't wait for Mitt to get his Mitts on Washington!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hold Media Accountable

I found this list on UltiMITT here. It's a fantastic resource we should all use to hold media outlets accountable for reporting the truth about Mitt. Use this to email news outlets when a new poll comes out or get on their case if they are spreading lies about Mitt...

Hey, sometimes the MSM doesn't pick up on these polls. EVERYONE needs to send an e-mail to their favorite news source or reporter, whether it is Brody Files, or Scarborough, or whoever. Just mention this story and you don't even have to tell them you're a Mitt fan, just tip the story to them so they'll know it's interesting to their viewers.

ABC News
General e-mail:

CBS News
CBS Evening News:
The Early Show:
60 Minutes II:
48 Hours:
Face The Nation:

Fox News
Special Report with Brit Hume:
FOX Report with Shepard Smith:
The O'Reilly Factor:
Hannity & Colmes:
On the Record with Greta:

Nightly News with Tom Brokaw:
NBC News' Today:
Dateline NBC:

Hardball with Chris Matthews:
MSNBC Reports with Joe Scarborough:
The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer:

National Radio Programs
E-mail: Jeffrey Dvorkin, Ombudsman
All Things Considered:
Morning Edition:
Talk Of The Nation:
The Rush Limbaugh Show
Sean Hannity Show
E-mail: Phil Boyce, Program Director

National Newspapers
The Los Angeles Times
Letters to the Editor:
Readers' Representative:
The New York Times
Letters to the Editor (for publication):
Write to the news editors:
USA TodayLetters to the Editor:
Wall Street Journal
Letters to the Editor:
Comment on News Articles:
The Washington PostLetters to the Editor:

Letters to the Editor:
Letters to the Editor
U.S. News & World Report
Letters to the Editor
News Services / Wires
Associated Press
General Questions and Comments:
Three Times Square
New York, NY 10036
Telephone: 646-223-4000
United Press International
Comment and Tips:

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Romney with massive lead in California!

We knew this would happen eventually, but this soon? Check it out here.

By the way, to understand what this graph represents, the purple marks indicate most recent polling data (June 13), and the blue represent what it looked like in February.

Romney on the Patriot Act

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mormons: People of Faith on Steroids!

Great article in NewsMax by Ronald Kessler. The article is a bit too pro-Fred Thompson, but otherwise good.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Romney on the move...look out Rudy!

These rankings are from the National Journal. While Mitt may be #2, you have to like his momentum at this stage of the game. What is missing in the article is a mention of Romney's phenomenal rise in such a short time. Long-time politicking McCain and Giuliani are teaming up against Romney. Perhaps they know deep down that they do not measure up to the good Governor!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Romney Smokes the Competition in Debate, AGAIN

No hay for McCain and Giuliani in Iowa

Republican presidential contenders Rudy Giuliani and John McCain said Wednesday they won't compete in a high-profile Iowa straw poll, rendering the decades-old contest all but meaningless.

"I just got a win of sorts, with the two national front-runners realizing they couldn't keep up with me in the first state in the presidential sweepstakes," Romney told The Associated Press as he campaigned in New Hampshire. "Their backing out makes me feel 10 feet tall."

see story

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Thompson is Bob Dole part II...but not as distiguished

Never fear Mitt-Rockers! Have any of you taken the time to listen to Thompson? I tried my best...but I couldn't get through a speech he recently gave in Virginia. Let's just say that he is dull, as in Dole kinda dull. I wonder if CSPAN has ever broadcast something as boring and uninspired as Fred Thompson in Virginia last week.

He said things like: Virginia is where all of "that freedom stuff happened". Freedom stuff? Would you care to expand on that Senator? Could you expand on that?

The more I listened to him the more I realized that we Mitt supporters have nothing to worry about. Thompson is at his highest point in the polls right now. In Theory, Fred sounds like he could be exciting. In theory, he could deliver some great lines. After all, he is an actor! A conservative actor...a rare find indeed. But Fred doesn't have the stuff on the inside that it will take to defeat Hillary. During the debates Fred will have no one to provide a script and he will crumble. As soon as he enters the race I predict a steady decline for Mr. Thompson.
In Theory, Fred is the conservative southerner that many have been waiting for. In reality, Sen. Thompson in no Ronald fact, he's no Bob Dole!

A Thompson nomination would have the same result as the Dole nomination: a Clinton victory.

Monday, June 4, 2007

More on Fred Thompson's Wife

The Brody File just defended Thompson's wife in this post.

Brody criticizes Margery Eagan of the Boston Herald because she questions the wisdom of John McCain's wife's interview in a immodest dress and Thompson's wife's apparent ignorance of what constitutes proper attire for a first lady.

Eagan also calls Jeri Thompson a "trophy wife" and questions the couple's age differential, which, as I stated below, is a bit of a stretch. But I think the criticism of their immodesty is perfectly acceptable and relevant. I wouldn't want the challenge of teaching my teenage daughter about modest dress while the first lady dresses so provocatively.

Finally, Eagan had this to say about Ann Romney:

"The only wife of a GOP heavy-hitter who hasn’t practically bared her chest is Ann Romney, the best looking of them all..."

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Hey Fred, what a lovely daught..., I mean wife you have!

I don't like ad homonym attacks on any presidential candidate, but right or wrong, people will raise eyebrows and even criticize Fred Thompson for his marital situation. He married his first wife when he was 17, divorced her when he was 43, met his second wife just before he turned 54 (she was 29 - yes twenty nine), and married her 6 years later (in 2002).

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Read Governor Romney's Essay in Foreign Affairs

Mitt Romney presents his plans to fix America and the Middle East in the journal Foreign Affairs. Romney's essay is a bit long, but insightful and clear. After reading this you'll see that Romney has, by far, the best vision for American.