Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Huckabee and McCain are hanging by a thread...

by David Alvord

Although this post will defy most of what you will hear from the national media, I must say that I believe that neither McCain nor Huck have the message or the resources needed to see the election through to the nomination.

Let's start with McCain's MONEY: About three weeks ago (seems like political light-years ago doesn't it), McCain had promised a New Hampshire victory...but his campaign was bankrupt. It was reported that the AZ senator would have to borrow money to keep his hopes alive (there are those who question the ethics and legality of that move). But the loan was secured and McCain fulfilled his promise as independents gave him the 37-32 victory in NH. That was last week. Sen. McCain hasn't had time to do any fund-raising since then. His loss in MI had to hurt. Has McCain taken out another loan? He has to be running on fumes. Who will be his lender now?

McCain's MESSAGE: McCain only got 11% of the conservative vote in Michigan! (see story) McCain is running as a moderate Republican, translation: McCain is not really a Republican. McCain's famous bills have angered most conservatives. And you know what they say: "An elephant never forgets." Helpful Hint: Standing side by side with Joe Liberman is not how you get the Republican nomination. (It didn't work well for Gore either, by the way). You see, Republicans don't want to compromise with Democrats...we want to defeat them...because we think they have bad ideas. Here is the perfect analogy: Person A wants to share a toast of arsenic poison. Person B does not want to ingest the poison. So, in the name of compromise, they decide to only drink half the poison. What? Don't be insane, Person B! McCain's message of moderate compromise might be alright for a senator, but when it comes to our President, Republicans want someone who will take on the libs and defeat them!

Huckabee's MONEY: the Huckster did not peak until shortly before Iowa. (Two weeks ago) Three losses later, and the Huckster really does wish he could pass the plate at the debates. While I cannot confirm this, I have some serious doubts as to the financial standing of the Huck campaign.

Huckabee's MESSAGE: in a nutshell is populism. "I feel your pain and I am the only one who does." Sorry Mike, wrong party! Could we please refer you to Jimmy Carter? Remember the one-term president who lost in a landslide to Ronald Reagan? You see, even in bad times, Republicans don't want to have big brother "helping" us. Just get out of our way and let us fix the problem ourselves. And for heaven's sake don't impede us and tax us while we are down. Just get out of our way! We would rather have an optimist who will ease our burdens, rather than a liberal who will tax and regulate and mandate. Again, you are probably running in the wrong party. Perhaps a third-party? "The pro-life liberal party."

We just need to remember what these guys are running for: the Republican nomination. These guys are trying to reinvent the party, but in reality both are hanging by a thread.

If Romney wins in SC: GAME OVER. South Carolina is a must-win for both Huck and McCain...and in the end still wont be enough.

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