Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Three ways Romney would benefit McCain

by David Alvord

If you are visiting this website, then you must assume that we want Mitt for McCain's VP pick because he'd make a great President. That's a given. But I believe that there are three ways that Romney would benefit McCain's bid for the White House.

Reason #1: Michigan. With Romney on the ticket, McCain would see a blue state turn red. Can you name any other potential VP that would deliver a traditionally democratic State? Sure, there are those who argue that Gov. Crist of Florida could deliver his swing state, but in reality McCain might be able to get that one without any help. But Romney knows how to speak to the people of Michigan and has a plan to save the car industry of America. McCain can't do it without Romney in Michigan.

Reason #2: The economy. Banks are closing. Stocks are plummeting. Gas costs four and five dollars a gallon. China is on the move. America is down but not out. McCain's weak spot is on the economy. Turnaround expert Mitt Romney is strong on the economy. You put Romney with McCain and you have an extremely strong ticket. Foreign policy and Washington experience from McCain and real-world outside of Washington experience from Romney. If they worked together, they could accomplish much. And none too soon. America needs the best she's got if we're going to fix the problems that we are currently facing. Who better than Romney to strengthen McCain's economic policy-making? Huckabee? (HINT: scholarships for illegals won't bring the price of gas down)

Reason #3: The Western United States. Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Montana, Nevada, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California and others would be electrified by having Romney on the ticket. There would be passion...and McCain needs passionate supporters. Several Ron Paul supporters have mentioned that Romney would be their second choice. McCain needs an energized base and Romney would deliver that needed energy.

No other choice can deliver so many goods to McCain as Mitt Romney. The two compliment each other well and seem to be strong where the other is weak. Besides, who else can we trust to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency?

Friday, July 4, 2008

Evangelical Extremists Blackmailing McCain: Threaten to Boycott the Election if McCain Picks "That Mormon" Mitt Romney as VP

It's disheartening, even despicable, that some evangelical extremists are threatening to boycott the election if McCain picks "That Mormon" Mitt Romney as his running mate. I've spent a good portion of this election season browsing political news sites, blogs, and online big-city newspapers. In each of them I've noticed a disturbing trend. The trend goes something like this: if the original news article or blog post makes any mention of Mitt Romney, the ultra-conservative evangelicals come out en masse, posting comment after comment that all have the same theme: Mr. McCain, if you dare choose a Mormon as your running mate, you can expect us evangelicals to sit home on election day--and you'll lose the presidency because of it!

Now folks, let's put this in perspective. Imagine if a large voting bloc in the Democratic party (Jews for instance) were to threaten the Democratic nominee with taunts that they would sit home on election day if that nominee picked a Muslim as his or her running mate. See where where I'm going with this?

These evangelical extremists are trying to blackmail McCain, attempting to use their power as a voting bloc to force McCain to acquiese to their hateful anti-Mormon views.

Now is there anything more un-American than this? No folks, there isn't. This type of perverted ideology is exactly the opposite of the ideals on which America was founded. This ignorant, mean-spirited behavior is wrong. It is immoral. And it is most definitely behavior unbecoming of Christians. No...Jesus would not hate Mormons.

I hope that those in the mainstream media will be responsible enough to denounce this problematic trend among ultra-conservative evangelicals. However I doubt it will happen, because the mainstream media is dominated by intellectual elites, many of whom also seem to enjoy thumbing their noses at Mormons.

And so Mormons are forced to deal with this silliness. God grant them the strength to respond in love.