Friday, January 25, 2008

Florida Debate: Mitt Flies, McCain Lies

Thursday night's debate in Boca Raton, Florida was a Tour de Force by Governor Romney. After the debate even lots of Dems were giving Romney props.

But good ol' John McCain, he told a couple of BIG whoppers that will surely come back to bite him:

LIE #1: McCain said he received the majority of the Republican votes in some of the early primaries.

FACT: John McCain has NEVER won a plurality of Republican votes in any of the primaries so far. His victories have come on the backs of Independents, who unfortunately were allowed to vote in some of the early Republican primaries.

LIE #2: McCain denied ever having said that he "doesn't know much about economics."

FACT: MSNBC backed up their question by pointing to two solid sources that show McCain admitting he's a dunce on economics.

THE EASY CONCLUSION: Mitt flies, McCain lies.

To see the evidence proving McCain's lies click here to read MSNBC's "Fact Checking McCain."