Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Michigan Speaks. Romney Steamrolls McCain: Huck a Distant Third

With a decisive win in Michigan, Mitt Romney is well positioned to take over the GOP front runner position going into Super Tuesday. Romney is running strong campaigns in both Nevada and South Carolina, the states which host the next two elections. Riding the momentum from his surprisingly easy victory over McCain (he won by over 80,000 votes), Romney stands an excellent chance of winning the Nevada caucuses. But he should now also be considered a strong contender in South Carolina, where he is currently running a close third.

What we are witnessing here is a major change in the dynamics of the race, a change that strongly favors Mitt Romney. If Romney wins Nevada and contends strongly in South Carolina, he could be considered the favorite to snatch the winner-take-all state of Florida, where the Rasmussen poll shows him tied for first place. If Romney wins Florida it's game over for the rest of the GOP candidates, and on to the nomination for Romney.

GOP voters should pay careful attention to the fact that among registered Republicans in Michigan, Mitt Romney beat John McCain by a whopping 2 to 1 margin. Such an overwhelming victory among Repulicans is a clear indication that Mitt Romney is well positioned to capture the support of the GOP base--not only in the remaing primaries and caucuses, but also in the general election. Even from the standpoint of the most biased Romney supporter (which I am), I'd say the future is very bright for Mitt Romney. Romney is a true Mr. Fixit poised to fix what's broken in Washington.

Romney: 39
30: McCain
16: Huckabee
6: Paul
4: Thompson (ouch, gets beat by Ron Paul)
3: Giuliani (double ouch, former frontrunner gets beat by Ron Paul AND Fred Thompson; implosion complete)


Anonymous said...

Wow! Romney DUSTED McCain. So much for the polls showing them neck and neck. Go Mitt!

MarkMyWord said...

I find it funny that some are saying that Democrats think Mitt is the easier candidate to face in November ... and that supposedly some independent Demos were going to vote for him in Michigan to GET a weaker candidate for the GOP or at least to keep the race going & somehow weaken Republicans.

For one thing, I don't see how the GOP race going on into late spring or early summer is a terrible thing. I disagree with Dick Morris that the party is fracturing & imploding due to having 4-5 candidates still in the hunt. (Of course the key thing will be how many of those are willing to let by-gones be by-gones & stump for the eventual nominee!) I think we have 5 pretty solid candidates, although Mitt stands head & shoulders above the other 4.

More importantly, if Democrast see Mitt as an easy candidate to face, that's fine with me! I believe we will have an unpleasant surprise for them in November! :o) The name of this blog says it all!

Anonymous said...

The world is looking brighter... Mitt's win is so sweet... I'm still basking in Mitt's triumph! Michigan, thank you!

Anonymous said...

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