Saturday, January 12, 2008

Great Article on Romney in Jewish World Review


Romney has been masterful in everything he has attempted. It is not insignificant that this cum laude JD/MBA graduate of Harvard guided Bain Capital to become a hugely successful private equity investment firm and rescued Bain & Company from financial collapse. Romney was brought in to save the 2002 Winter Olympics when the games were mired in scandal and $379 million in debt. Romney was able to turn the situation around completely so that the games actually turned a $100 million profit instead. (He also gave back his salary.) That's not slick, that's substance.

When Mitt Romney took office as governor of Massachusetts, the state had a $1.2 billion deficit. Four years later it was in surplus. He boasts that fourth and eighth graders in Massachusetts achieved the highest scores in the nation in reading and math, though they were doing so before he became governor as well. But his program of assessment, merit pay for good teachers, English immersion and a focus on math and science may have helped keep them at the top.
It is difficult to find any significant weakness in Romney. He is refreshingly articulate, exceedingly well prepared and self-disciplined, clearly an excellent manager with both private and government experience, happily married with a large, supportive family, and well within the mainstream of conservatism on every major issue. His nomination would not divide the base.

He is just the sort of candidate people complain that they never get.

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Unlike Huckabee, Romney knows that the presidency is a secular office and that this country was founded upon principles of religious freedom and tolerance. It seems that Huck's only supporters are Evangelicals, and that they support him merely because he wears his religion on his sleeve.

From Mitt Romney's Faith in America speech:

No candidate should become the spokesman for his faith. For if he becomes President he will need the prayers of the people of all faiths.


Anonymous said...

What Romney lacks for me is that he is not authentic. He does not represent the American family values that he claims to. That is what bothers me...he is a fake.

Family leaders call Romney 'disaster'
A coalition of leaders on family issues has released a letter warning about what they describe as the deception being assembled around former Massachusetts governor and GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney.
…the letter says. "But we are troubled by the unethical and Orwellian cover-up of Mitt Romney's role in catastrophic events in Massachusetts, once the cradle of American liberty.

Anonymous said...

Now, come again, how doesn't Romney represent American family values? If he doesn't represent American family values, maybe Hillary, McCain, or Giuliani does? That's nuts. Romney is THE family man, and it's hard, no, IMPOSSIBLE to fake that for 37 years. So put that in yer pipe and smoke it Huckabee plant.

Anonymous said...

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