Thursday, January 31, 2008


Want further proof that true conservatives are coalescing around Mitt Romney? Sean Hannity will vote for Mitt! Watch here to hear Hannity express his support for Mitt.

5 Reasons to Vote for Mitt Romney


Dear America,

In what has turned out to be a highly fluid GOP race, you will have a big say in who becomes the next president of the United States. For the first time in years, voters in all 50 states will have a strong voice, not just the voters in a few lucky early primary states. This is a wonderful opportunity--but it brings an important responsibility.

Voters cannot afford to base their votes on reading a couple of newspaper articles or watching a debate or two. Instead it is critical to take some time to research the background and positions of the top candidates.


1) Mitt leads an examplary personal life:

  • Mitt married his high school sweetheart, Anne, and has stayed loyal to her their entire married life.
  • Mitt's wife, Ann, was diagnosed with MS in 1998. Mitt has stood by her side during her difficult challenges.
  • Mitt and Ann have raised five outstanding sons, each of whom loves their father and is living a responsible life. All have worked hard to help their Dad with his campaign.
  • Mitt is a man of faith. He has spent many hours volunteering in his church and strives to live a moral life.
  • Mitt is an extremely hard worker and is willing to do what it takes to get things done.

2) Mitt had an extraordinarily successful professional life:

  • After graduating at the top of his class from both Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School, Mitt had a highly successful career as a management consultant. The focus of his work was to to help the world's largest corporations improve the efficiency of their operations.
  • Mitt was founder and CEO of Bain Capital, currently one of the world's most successful investment firms. Bain is largely responsible for the success of Staples, Brookstone, and Dominos Pizza. While at Bain, part of Mitt's job was to help struggling business become financially successful. He had much success doing this. Many of the struggling companies Mitt helped became very profitable and have now become household names.

3) Mitt saved the 2002 Winter Olympics (and took no paycheck):

  • Mitt volunteered his skills (taking no paycheck) to help rescue the 2002 Winter Olympics from financial crisis. As the CEO of the 2002 Organizing Committee, Mitt managed the overall operations of the Olympics, including thousands of volunteers and a multimillion dollar budget.
  • When Mitt took over the Olympics, they were millions of dolllars in debt. By the time the 2002 games concluded, the Games had a 100 million dollar surplus and were declared by many to be one of the most successful Olympic games in history.
  • During the Olympics Mitt was able to build strong diplomatic ties with the leaders of many foreign countries. If he becomes president these relationships will help him create more effective foreign policies.

4) Mitt governed as a conservative governor in ultra-liberal Massachusetts:

  • In the most liberal state in the US, Mitt governed as a conservative governor
  • Mitt balanced the budget every year in office.
  • Mitt designed and implemented a revolutionary health plan that uses private insurance (not taxpayer funded government insurance) to ensure that every citizen in the state of Massachusetts is covered.
  • Mitt opposed abortion.
  • Mitt opposed same-sex marriage in a state whose Supreme Court tried to implement it.
  • Mitt made 100 promises to Massachusetts voters when he was campaigning. Before he left office he had fulfilled every single promise.

5) Mitt wants to create a more efficient Washington and a stronger America:


Some wisdom from Ferris

At last night's debate, Romney had a look on his face like: "If I am going to get beat, it's not gonna be by a guy like that."

That direct quote from Ferris Bueller has some wisdom in it (full quote from the scene with the Maitre D' who was getting 'snooty') :

Cameron: Okay Ferris, can we just let it go, please?

Sloane: Ferris, please. You've gone to far. We're going to get busted.

Ferris: A: You can never go too far. B: If I'm gonna get busted, it is *not* gonna be by a guy like *that*.

Romney is P.O.ed and is going to see this thing through. McCain is like that snooty Maitre D' who thinks that because he was a POW long ago that he is entiltled to take cheap shots and is immune from answering the big questions.

I would love to see a two hour debate with just the two of them. Romney would wipe the floor with him!

If only voters would watch the debates!

Romney won debate (again)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


The below "delegate math" was taken from Hugh Hewitt. To see his full analysis click here.


CNN puts McCain with 97 delegates and Romney at 74.

Let's look at the worst case for Romney on Super Tuesday.

Next Tuesday the winner-take-all states that lean McCain are New York (101), Missouri (58), Arizona (53), New Jersey (52) Connecticut (30), and Delaware (18) for a total of 312 delegates. (Even though Missouri, another winner-take-all leans Huck right now, lets give its 58 delegates to McCain.)

Romney is favored in winner-take-all Utah (36) and Montana (25), for a total of 51 delegates.

Thus before the sorting takes place in the other states, McCain's got 409 delegates and Romney's got 126.

Huckabee will certainly get the 34 Arkansas delegates to go with his 29, for a total of 63.

States dividing delegates Tuesday on other-than-a-winner-take-all basis:

California: 173

Georgia: 72I

llinois: 70

Tennessee: 55

Alabama: 48

Colorado: 46

Massachusetts: 41

Minnesota: 40

Oklahoma: 41

West Virginia: 30

Alaska: 29

North Dakota: 26

Total: 671

If these divide 40-40-20, McCain and Romney will add 269 delegates each, and Huck 133. But since we are going worst case for Romney, make it 50-30-20, or 336 for McCain, 201 for Romney, and 134 for Huck.

Total at the end of Super Tuesday without a major reversal of fortune for Romney:

McCain 745, Romney 327, and Huck 197.

It takes 1,191 delegates to secure the nomination. There are more than 900 delegates left to fight for after Super Tuesday.Start looking hard at the numbers and put yourself in the discussions with Team Romney. It isn't pretty, but it is far, far from over.

And if the Huckabee voters look at the reality and see they are voting for McCain when they vote for Huck, anything can happen.

Romney's week ahead...

by David Alvord

There is still a way for Romney to win this thing guys. Now, I will not pretend that McCain is not the frontrunner. After the Florida loss, Romney is now the underdog.

Here is the strategy that I would suggest:

1. Spend enough money to make sure that this a two-man race; the conservative vs. the moderate.

2. Pray that the conservative base still represents the majority who belong to the Republican party.

Even though Giuliani will endorse McCain, there were probably a bunch of conservatives who voted for Rudy in Florida. Now that it is down to Romney and McCain, he can run as the conservative and then label McCain the moderate.

Then have Romney say: "What happens when you have a Democrat controlled congress and you have a moderate President? You get a blend of liberal and moderate laws and spending. But conservatism will not be represented in our government."

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lost Conservative

I am a conservative.
As a conservative, I found my place in the Republican party.
Today, my party betrayed me.
And I don't know where to go.

Florida: A vote for McCain is a vote for Clinton

From a post here:

ATTENTION: Florida Republicans must unite behind Romney. voting for McCain would result in Hillary Clinton as president...

Here are the potential outcomes in November:

Romney 55%
Hillary 45%


Hillary 45%
McCain 33%
Bloomberg 22%

Choose wisely Florida…

Here is the rationale: If Mitt runs, Bloomberg's money and private sector experience are NOT a competitive advantage against Mitt, so he won't run. If McCain wins the Republican ticket and Clinton (or Obama) wins the Democrat ticket, nobody in the race will have any private sector experience or any significant understanding of the economy - providing a perfect opportunity for Bloomberg to make his run. If he did so, much of his support would come from independents who would otherwise support McCain.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Something big happening here: Mitt takes the lead NATIONALLY for the first time

Todays Rasmussen numbers are great news for all Mitt supporters (and that includes all you new supporters: Fred-heads, and Rudy-guys).

Mitt's numbers today show him with the lead NATIONALLY:

Romney 28
McCain 26
Huckabee 16
Giuliani 13

But Romney has reached another milestone: Romney has nearly one third of the vote...the highest number for any Republican on the Rasmussen daily tracking poll in recent months.

The internals also bode well for Romney:

"Nationally, Romney leads McCain 36% to 21% among conservatives likely to vote in a Republican Primary. McCain leads Romney 41% to 12% among moderate voters. The good news for Romney is that there are more conservatives than moderates. "

For months now, we've argued that national polls do not matter. Well, now they do matter because we are just a week away from Super-duper Tuesday. In Florida tomorrow, the underpinnings are there for a big Romney win. The polls are tight, but this all-Republican race would have to favor the man who is polling well among conservatives.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

President Gordon B. Hinckley, 1910-2008

Well done! We love you!

Romney's New Groove

Mitt's background continues to align with voter's economic concerns. Read Elizabeth Holmes' article published in the Wall Street Journal entitled, "Romney's New Groove."


Romney continues to pick up steam! Ed Morrissey, one of the blogosphere's most influential conservative voices, has made his choice. He is endorsing Mitt Romney!


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mitt surges to all-time high in National poll

Rasmussen's daily presidential poll has Romney at an all-time high of 25% which is right at the heels of McCain's 27%.

See poll

Romney is surging just in time for Super-Duper Tuesday. A win in Florida could put him in the top spot for the first time in this election....but will it be enough to propel Mitt on to the nomination?

So, assuming that the order of the returns in Florida are 1st Romney 2nd McCain 3rd Giuliani...what does that do to Rudy's campaign? And who benefits from Rudy's decline?

It would seem to me that Romney would benefit from the conservative media that would be forced to coalesce around Mitt. Also, is it possible that Rudy fans like him because he was Mr. Fix-it?

Or, does McCain benefit because Rudy's supporters go off of name-recognition...and McCain has been on SNL and Letterman so many times?

What are your thoughts Mitt Rocks! readers?

McCain and Hillary's love child will be the end of conservatism as we know it

By just looking at the pictures above, I feel more warmth between these two characters than I do between Bill and Hillary.

The fact is, having these two run against one another would be the liberals dream come true!

It sickened me to hear McCain say that Mitt is a manager and McCain the true leader. Well, other than being one vote in one hundred as a united states senator, where has McCain lead? Answer: McCain-Feingold, McCain-Kennedy and as a the lead member of the gang of 14. The few times that McCain has lead, he has led as a liberal!

Iraq? McCain was right to follow Bush and Gen. Petraeus. The surge in Iraq would have happened whether or not McCain supported it! We were happy to have McCain's support (for once) but the surge would have been implemented with or without him! I am tired of hearing McCain take credit for the idea! He was one vote in one hundred...and it would have happened without him.

McCain called Rummy the "worst secretary of defense in US history"! And that was after Bush had accepted his resignation. Secretary Rumsfeld served his country well and defeated the Saddam regime in what only took a few days. McCain kicked Rummy when he was down for his own personal ambitions.

The whole P.O.W. thing: I admire anyone who has served our country and risked their life to defend America. There have been hundreds of thousands who have made that risk and hundreds of thousands who have made the ultimate sacrifice. But it is the years that followed his release as a POW that should be evaluated as to whether or not he is the most fit to be commander in chief. Just because someone has been taken prisoner, doesn't make that person most fit to be a surgeon, or a mechanic, or a NASA engineer. So why does being taken as a POW make you ready to be the president?

It is McCain's record as senator that should be weighted out...and that record is one of opposing conservatives and aligning with democrats. Just ask Liberman and Clinton about his voting record!

McCain: Democrats' Favorite Republican

John McCain once considered becoming a Democrat. What's scarier? It was only 8 years ago when he considered becoming JOHN KERRY'S running mate! Gross!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Florida Debate: Mitt Flies, McCain Lies

Thursday night's debate in Boca Raton, Florida was a Tour de Force by Governor Romney. After the debate even lots of Dems were giving Romney props.

But good ol' John McCain, he told a couple of BIG whoppers that will surely come back to bite him:

LIE #1: McCain said he received the majority of the Republican votes in some of the early primaries.

FACT: John McCain has NEVER won a plurality of Republican votes in any of the primaries so far. His victories have come on the backs of Independents, who unfortunately were allowed to vote in some of the early Republican primaries.

LIE #2: McCain denied ever having said that he "doesn't know much about economics."

FACT: MSNBC backed up their question by pointing to two solid sources that show McCain admitting he's a dunce on economics.

THE EASY CONCLUSION: Mitt flies, McCain lies.

To see the evidence proving McCain's lies click here to read MSNBC's "Fact Checking McCain."

Thursday, January 24, 2008

And the Fred-heads go to...

Mitt Romney!

"Well duh", said my wife.

Of the three polls since Fred has dropped out, we now have a solid Romney lead.


McCain 23
Romney 22
Rudy 18


Romney 27
McCain 23
Rudy 20

Mason-Dixon (fox news...thanks Brent)

Romney 30
McCain 26
Rudy 18

These were taken from Real Clear Politics.

David Alvord

FOX News: Romney Has Lead In Florida

by Brent Moritz

According to the poll from January 22-23, Romney now has the lead in Florida.

Romney 30%
McCain 26%
Giuliani 18%
Huckabee 15%

Clearly we like Romney's chances and he has gained significant support in Florida and elsewhere.

While the race for first is within the margin for error, what is particularly interesting is how far Giuliani has fallen. Once the clear frontrunner in Florida, he is now running third. A bad loss in Florida would likely doom his chances to secure the nomination.

Similarly, Huckabee does not have the money to compete in Florida and appears to be focused on other states.

Headhunting Happens

by David McEntire

Why don't Democrats want Mitt to be their opponent? Because they will have to work harder.
From time to time, I receive phone calls from headhunters wanting to know of my interest in new jobs. When they discover I am not currently looking they will ask, "would you recommend anyone else for this position?" At this point, I will always refer them to my biggest competitor in the market. The reason is because the less resistance I have in the market--the more success the market has in my favor.

This is why there has been hostility and will increase hostility towards Mitt. We are taught to tackle the man who is carrying the ball. In this case, Mitt continues to carry the pigskin because of his solid experience, smart work, and true character.

When Mitt gets the GOP nomination, the Democrats will be headhunting. When this hunt begins, it will become more apparent that America needs Mitt.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"Why They Hate Mitt Romney"

The American Thinker just published an outstanding story on why the other GOP candidates are not so fond of Romney. I found the analysis spot on. For the full article click here.

By the way, it comforts me that lots of super smart people are flocking to Romney. Coincidence? Nah.

What will they say now?

Soon, Romney will lead in the Flordia polls. So, it begs the question: What will the media give as an excuse for Romney's popularity?

I can picture Chris Mathews saying the following:"Mitt Romney is now taking the lead among Republicans in Florida, which has to be expected because his father was once a governor of all those "mormons"....well no.... maybe it's because he has spent the most time and money no wait that was Rudy........actually, I have no idea why Romney is leading!!! Then in comes a voice on Mathews' ear thing... Oooh, (mathews says) Romney is leading because he has all of the money and he can just write his campaign a big check!"

I just love watching the liberal media trying to make up excuse after excuse for the fact that Romney is the leading Republican. Perhaps a win in Florida and then in California will shut them up. Not likely...but it is fun to watch anyway.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

RedState of denial

The conservative blog RedState, or as others call it "fredstate", is in a "state" alright, a state of denial.

I had to rub my eyes as I read that Erick Erickson is encouraging Fred-Heads to still vote for Thompson (who has dropped out) on Feb. 5 as long as his name is on the ballot. See this moronic link.

Erick, it is time to let go. Fred is a great guy, and a good conservative. We will miss his sense of humor and especially his jabs at the Huckster...but it is time to regroup and fight a new fight.

We know, you thought that your blog could pull Fred through...but it is time to let go of the fight. Fred has let it's time for you to do the same.

There there...Erick Erickson. You and your repetitive-sounding name should now just let go.

By the way, were you this broken up when Tommy Thompson dropped out? After all, he has a repetitive-sounding name too!

Welcome FredHeads: Mitt Supporters Embrace You

Fred Thompson is a good person with outstandanding conservative credentials. He stands for solid principles and honorable living. However now that Fred is no longer in the race, we Mitt supporters invite Fredheads everywhere to join us in support of Governor Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney will fight for conservative principles. Mitt is a fiscal conservative, social conservative, and military conservative. Although he may have expressed those positions differently than Fred, he shares Fred's belief that the Reagan coalition is not dead. Mitt has a vision of restoring the party to the greatness it once enjoyed. Mitt Romney is the only remaining candidate who is capable of uniting all three wings of the Republican party.



Fred Thompson Bows Out

by Brent Moritz

Fred Thompson, actor and former Senator from Tennessee, has exited the race for the Republican nomination. You can read more about it here in the New York Times:

This comes as no surprise to the Mitt Rockers, who have been speculating as to Mr. Thompson's demise for some time. Still, what is interesting is that the Times and other sources point to the potential positive impact for Mitt Romney. Clearly Thompson was a favorite of the conservative wing of the party, yet he could not win in any of the primaries and was not relevant in many of them.

Thompson supporters are likely to select one of the remaining leading candidates. This makes Romney's wins in Michigan and Nevada even more important, as Romney has established himself as one of the leaders. It is unlikely many of the Thompson supporters will move to Giuliani, as he clearly holds more liberal social positions than the other candidates. So this makes Florida a tighter race between Giuliani, Romney, Huckabee and McCain, with each of the latter three gaining some Thompson supporters. In addition, Huckabee appears to be conceding Florida, so more of the Conservative voters (there and elsewhere) have to chose between McCain and Romney, and McCain has never been the favorite of the Republican right.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Another gold on Mitt's horizon?

Those polled by Rasmussen sure think so.

Most recent polling in Florida shows:

Mitt 25
McCain 20
Rudy 19
Huck 13
Thompson 12

PS: Has anyone heard whether Fred is ready to drop out?

Sunday, January 20, 2008

5 Reasons to Vote for Mitt Romney

Dear America

In what has turned out to be a highly fluid GOP race, you will have a big say in who becomes the next president of the United States. For the first time in years, voters in all 50 states will have a strong voice, not just the voters in a few lucky early primary states. This is a wonderful opportunity--but it brings an important responsibility. Voters cannot afford to base their votes on reading a couple of newspaper articles or watching a debate or two. Instead it is critical to take some time to research the background and positions of the top candidates.

Before you cast your critical vote, please take a moment to ponder these 5 important facts about Mitt Romney:

1) Mitt leads an examplary personal life:

  • Mitt married his high school sweetheart, Anne, and has stayed loyal to her their entire married life.
  • Mitt's wife, Anne, was diagnosed with MS in 1998. Mitt has stood by her side during her difficult challenges.
  • Mitt and Ann have raised five outstanding sons, each of whom loves their father and is living a responsible life. All have worked hard to help their Dad with his campaign.
  • Mitt is a man of faith. He has spent many hours volunteering in his church and tries hard to live a moral life.
  • Mitt is an extremely hard worker and is willing to do what it takes to get things done.
2) Mitt had an extraordinarily successful professional life:

  • After graduating at the top of his class from both Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School, Mitt had a highly successful career as a management consultant. The focus of his work was to to help the world's largest corporations improve the efficiency of their operations.
  • Mitt founded Bain Capital, currently one of the world's most successful investment firms. Bain is largely responsible for the success of Staples, Brookstone, and Dominos Pizza. While at Bain, part of Mitt's job was to help struggling businesses become financially successful. He had much success doing this. Many of the struggling companies Mitt helped became very profitable and have now become household names.
3) Mitt saved the 2002 Winter Olympics (and took no paycheck):

  • Mitt volunteered his skills (taking no paycheck) to help rescue the 2002 Winter Olympics from financial crisis. As the CEO of the 2002 Organizing Committee, Mitt managed the overall operations of the Olympics, including thousands of volunteers and a multimillion dollar budget.
  • When Mitt took over the Olympics, they were millions of dolllars in debt. By the time the 2002 games concluded, the Games had a 100 million dollar surplus and were declared by many to be one of the most successful Olympic games in history.
  • During the Olympics Mitt was able to build strong diplomatic ties with the leaders of many foreign countries. If he becomes president these relationships will help him create more effective foreign policies.
4) Mitt governed as a conservative in ultra-liberal Massachusetts:

  • In the most liberal state in the US, Mitt governed as a conservative his entire term.
  • Mitt balanced the budget every year in office.
  • Mitt designed and implemented a revolutionary health plan that uses private insurance (not taxpayer funded government insurance) to ensure that every citizen in the state of Massachusetts is covered.
  • Mitt opposed abortion.
  • Mitt opposed same-sex marriage in a state whose Supreme Court tried to implement it.
  • Mitt made 100 promises to Massachusetts voters when he was campaigning. Before he left office he had fulfilled every single promise.
5) Mitt wants to create a more efficient Washington and a stronger America:


Saturday, January 19, 2008


Mitt Romney crushed the GOP competition in Nevada for his second straight gold medal. With first place wins in Michigan, Wyoming, and Nevada, to go along with his strong second place finishes in Iowa and New Hampshire, Mitt Romney now has three gold medals and two silvers. No other candidate can claim such success. Romney now leads by a wide margin in the delegate count, ensuring that even with top tier finishes in South Carolina and Florida, he'll be very competitive on Super Tuesday.

With respect to Florida, Romney stands an excellent chance of pulling out the win, especially if Fred Thompson drops out after South Carolina, in which case Romney will pull much of his support. I've said it before and I'll say it again, if Mitt Romney wins Florida it's game over for the other GOP candidates--and onto the nomination for Mitt.

To read the story of Romney's landslide victory in Nevada click here.

Friday, January 18, 2008

What's ahead?

Two predictions: (or are they wishes?)

1. Thompson to drop out after SC and then endorse Romney. Even if he doesn't endorse Mitt, his conservative followers will have to pick the next most conservative. (Mitt is just as conservative as Fred...but is a pro-life convert)

This prediction is based on this RCP average:

McCain 28
Huckabee 24
Romney 17
Thompson 14

A dismal fourth-place finish will force Thompson to drop out (hopefully sooner than later)

2. McCain will not have the money to compete in Florida...and it will become a Rudy/Romney slug-out. Romney will tout his economic strengths and run against a pro-choice former mayor. Expect a Romney win in Florida!

Florida's latest polls (insider advantage):

Rudy 21
Romney 20
McCain 20
Huckabee 13

Mitt will Rock Leno tonight...

Good luck Mitt!

Thursday, January 17, 2008


The editors of the Las Vegas Review Journal, Nevada's largest newspaper, have endorsed Mitt Romney. Citing Romney's outstanding business skills as best for the economy, the editors also praised Romney's conservative agenda and strong family values. Here's the closing line of their editorial:


For the full text of the endorsement editorial click here.


The liberal media is in damage control mode, trying to divert attention from Mitt's dominating victory in Michigan by flooding us with stories bearing headlines such as "No GOP Frontrunner" and "GOP Field in Total Chaos." Despite what these liberal journalists, or the Drive-Bys as Limbaugh calls them, want us to believe, there is, in fact, a GOP frontrunner. It's Mitt Romney.

With two golds and two silvers, Mitt Romney currently leads the delegate count and pushes forward in the race with more momentum than any other candidate. Mitt's strong position prompted Rush Limbaugh to loudly proclaim:


I suggest we conservatives listen to our own leaders, rather than allowing our presidential race to be defined by those who wish to hurt us.


Ross Perot Slams McCain's Character: Will Vote for Mitt

Texas billionaire and former presidential candidate Ross Perot recently criticized John McCain's character, saying that for frivolous reasons he abandoned his wife who had stayed loyal to him during his time as a POW:

Perot: "After he [McCain] came home [from the war], he walked with a limp, she [Carol McCain] walked with a limp [because of a car accident]. So he threw her over for a poster girl with big money from Arizona [Cindy McCain, his current wife] and the rest is history."

While Perot distrusts John McCain, he strongly supports Mitt Romney. When the election comes to Texas, Perot said he will cast his vote for Mitt Romney, citing his extraordinary business skills and strong family values. To read the Newsweek story click here.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Huckabee and McCain are hanging by a thread...

by David Alvord

Although this post will defy most of what you will hear from the national media, I must say that I believe that neither McCain nor Huck have the message or the resources needed to see the election through to the nomination.

Let's start with McCain's MONEY: About three weeks ago (seems like political light-years ago doesn't it), McCain had promised a New Hampshire victory...but his campaign was bankrupt. It was reported that the AZ senator would have to borrow money to keep his hopes alive (there are those who question the ethics and legality of that move). But the loan was secured and McCain fulfilled his promise as independents gave him the 37-32 victory in NH. That was last week. Sen. McCain hasn't had time to do any fund-raising since then. His loss in MI had to hurt. Has McCain taken out another loan? He has to be running on fumes. Who will be his lender now?

McCain's MESSAGE: McCain only got 11% of the conservative vote in Michigan! (see story) McCain is running as a moderate Republican, translation: McCain is not really a Republican. McCain's famous bills have angered most conservatives. And you know what they say: "An elephant never forgets." Helpful Hint: Standing side by side with Joe Liberman is not how you get the Republican nomination. (It didn't work well for Gore either, by the way). You see, Republicans don't want to compromise with Democrats...we want to defeat them...because we think they have bad ideas. Here is the perfect analogy: Person A wants to share a toast of arsenic poison. Person B does not want to ingest the poison. So, in the name of compromise, they decide to only drink half the poison. What? Don't be insane, Person B! McCain's message of moderate compromise might be alright for a senator, but when it comes to our President, Republicans want someone who will take on the libs and defeat them!

Huckabee's MONEY: the Huckster did not peak until shortly before Iowa. (Two weeks ago) Three losses later, and the Huckster really does wish he could pass the plate at the debates. While I cannot confirm this, I have some serious doubts as to the financial standing of the Huck campaign.

Huckabee's MESSAGE: in a nutshell is populism. "I feel your pain and I am the only one who does." Sorry Mike, wrong party! Could we please refer you to Jimmy Carter? Remember the one-term president who lost in a landslide to Ronald Reagan? You see, even in bad times, Republicans don't want to have big brother "helping" us. Just get out of our way and let us fix the problem ourselves. And for heaven's sake don't impede us and tax us while we are down. Just get out of our way! We would rather have an optimist who will ease our burdens, rather than a liberal who will tax and regulate and mandate. Again, you are probably running in the wrong party. Perhaps a third-party? "The pro-life liberal party."

We just need to remember what these guys are running for: the Republican nomination. These guys are trying to reinvent the party, but in reality both are hanging by a thread.

If Romney wins in SC: GAME OVER. South Carolina is a must-win for both Huck and McCain...and in the end still wont be enough.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Republicans have spoken

The best part of the Romney victory was that it came about due to the Republican vote! Shouldn't that be how things work anyway? Republicans might want to consider a revamp in the order of the first contests because they don't really reflect how mainstream Republicans will vote.

I hope that the naysayers were watching tonight. Because tonight we learned that America will pick the best nominee regardless of which church the candidate attends. If Romney can win in Massachusetts and then Michigan, he should have no problem with the rest of the country. After all, America is choosing a commander in chief not a pastor in chief (sorry Huckabee). Mitt got a huge chunk of the evangelical vote tonight...along with Catholics, Mormons and the unaffiliated.

The other candidates are out of gas. Romney is just getting warmed up...with lots of time, energy, and money to see this thing through. McCain had to borrow money to fund his campaign in NH. I wonder if there is anybody willing to lend him money for SC?

As long as Republicans are allowed to vote for their nominee, we can expect a Romney nomination this spring.

Congratuations Team Mitt - Look at all those medals!

Michigan Speaks. Romney Steamrolls McCain: Huck a Distant Third

With a decisive win in Michigan, Mitt Romney is well positioned to take over the GOP front runner position going into Super Tuesday. Romney is running strong campaigns in both Nevada and South Carolina, the states which host the next two elections. Riding the momentum from his surprisingly easy victory over McCain (he won by over 80,000 votes), Romney stands an excellent chance of winning the Nevada caucuses. But he should now also be considered a strong contender in South Carolina, where he is currently running a close third.

What we are witnessing here is a major change in the dynamics of the race, a change that strongly favors Mitt Romney. If Romney wins Nevada and contends strongly in South Carolina, he could be considered the favorite to snatch the winner-take-all state of Florida, where the Rasmussen poll shows him tied for first place. If Romney wins Florida it's game over for the rest of the GOP candidates, and on to the nomination for Romney.

GOP voters should pay careful attention to the fact that among registered Republicans in Michigan, Mitt Romney beat John McCain by a whopping 2 to 1 margin. Such an overwhelming victory among Repulicans is a clear indication that Mitt Romney is well positioned to capture the support of the GOP base--not only in the remaing primaries and caucuses, but also in the general election. Even from the standpoint of the most biased Romney supporter (which I am), I'd say the future is very bright for Mitt Romney. Romney is a true Mr. Fixit poised to fix what's broken in Washington.

Romney: 39
30: McCain
16: Huckabee
6: Paul
4: Thompson (ouch, gets beat by Ron Paul)
3: Giuliani (double ouch, former frontrunner gets beat by Ron Paul AND Fred Thompson; implosion complete)

Monday, January 14, 2008


With the exception of Brent Moritz, all of us have been wrong so far in predicting the victor. So take these predictive polls with a grain of salt (except Brent's), remembering that they are, after all, scientific polls based on pure speculation:

Romney: 31
McCain: 30
Huckabee: 17
Paul: 8
Giuliani: 6
Thompson: 6

Romney 32
McCain 30
Giuliani: 8
Thompson: 6
Paul: 6

Branden: (based on a complicated mathematical model only a Harvard MBA could invent)
Mitt: 31.3
McCain: 31.2 (wow, truly a narrow loss..can you say old Mac's requesting a recount?)
Huck: 17.4
Paul: 7.4
Rudy: 5.4
Fred: 4.4

David: (looks like I am the last true believer)
Mitt 35
McCain 31
Huck 16
Fred 7
Paul 7
Rudy 7

Mitt Romney's Address to the Detroit Economic Club

"A lot of Washington politicians are aware of Michigan's pain, but they haven't done anything about it. I hear people say it's Michigan's problem. Or, the car companies just brought it on themselves. But that's where they are wrong. What Michigan is feeling will be felt by the entire nation unless we win the economic battle here. Michigan is a bit like the canary in the mine shaft - what's hurting Michigan, if left unchecked, will imperil the entire nation's economy.

"I don't know about the Washington politicians, but I can tell you this: if I am President, I will not rest until Michigan is back. Michigan can once again lead the world's automotive industry. But it means we're going to have to change Washington. We're going to go from politicians who say they are 'aware' of Michigan's problems to a President who will do something about them."

"First, we have to tackle the problems head on. If I am your President, in my first 100 days, I will roll up my sleeves, and I will personally bring together industry, labor, Congressional and state leaders to develop a plan to rebuild America's automotive leadership. It will be one that works for Michigan and that works for the American taxpayers."

"From legacy costs, to health care costs, to increased CAFE standards, to embedded taxes, Detroit can only thrive if Washington is an engaged partner, not a disinterested observer. The plan should include increases in funding for automotive related research and new tax benefits including making the research and development tax credit permanent."

"Washington has to stop loading Detroit down with unfunded mandates. Of course fleet mileage needs to rise, but discontinuous CAFE leaps, uncoordinated with the domestic manufacturers, and absent consideration of competitiveness, kills jobs and imperils an industry. Washington dictated CAFE is not the right answer.

"We also must stop Washington politicians from imposing enormous unilateral energy costs on American manufacturing, including automotive.

"For example, Senator McCain and Senator Lieberman have a bill pending in Congress that unilaterally imposes new high energy costs on U.S. manufacturers, with no safety valve. The Energy Information Agency estimated that this bill would raise electric rates by as much as 25% and gasoline prices by 68 cents a gallon. And the cost in American jobs – over 300,000. So it would not only kill jobs, it would make it harder for families to make ends meet."

"But taking off all these burdens is only half the solution. If we are going to be the world's greatest economic power, we must invest in our future. It's time to be bold. First, I will make a five-fold increase – from $4 billion dollars to $20 billion dollars – in our national investment in energy research, fuel technology, materials science, and automotive technology. "Research spins out new ideas for new products for both small and large businesses. That is exactly what has happened in health care, in defense, and in space. Look how industries in other states have thrived from the spin out of technologies from our investment in these areas. So if we can invest in health care, in defense, and in space, why not also invest in energy and fuel technology here in Michigan?"

"By the way, this is what I have done all my life – take on complex situations, lead tough negotiations, find solutions, and get things back on track. That was my job as a leader in the business world, as the head of the Salt Lake Olympics, and as the governor of Massachusetts. "I am the only candidate with this kind of experience, and frankly, this is exactly the kind of experience Michigan and America needs in the White House "There are some people who don't think there's a future for the domestic automobile industry. They think the industry and its jobs are gone forever. They are wrong."

For the full text, go to:

Romney in four-way tie in Florida

The two latest polls out of Florida have all four candidates at about 18%. What would a win in Michigan and another in Nevada do for Mitt (along with a decent showing in SC)? Perhaps Romney is peaking at the right time...right before Super Duper Tuesday.

Rasmussen Florida poll:

McCain 19
Romney 18
Giuliani 18
Huckabee 17

Quinipiac poll:

McCain 21
Romney 19
Giuliani 20
Huckster 19

Sunday, January 13, 2008

DON'T BE INSANE! If you care about the economy, vote for Romney!

American auto manufacturing is a Trillion-dollar industry. Yep, that’s Trillion with a capital “T”, as in $1,000,000,000,000.00. GM alone has revenues of 200 billion dollars per year. Most people outside of Michigan, especially politicians in Washington, fail to comprehend the magnitude of the auto industry’s impact on the US economy. Not only is it the biggest cog in the intricately interconnected American economic machine, it is also one of the only remaining vestiges of American manufacturing might – a capability we need to retain for national security reasons. While some may say that Toyota and Honda build some of their cars in the US, it is important to remember that the point of final assembly is a relatively minor contributor to an economy. The two most economically and socially valuable aspects of the auto industry are:

1. Design, engineering, marketing, and research and development jobs (high-paying jobs that keep American companies competitive in the world economy).

2. Country of incorporation (this is where the company’s profits end up and typically corresponds to the homeland of its shareholders).

GM, Ford, and Chrysler (the Big 3) do almost all their design/engineering/marketing/etc. in Michigan, and all three corporations are headquartered in Michigan. Because of this, it’s imperative that Michigan is strengthened to help the Big 3, and that the Big 3 are strengthened to help Michigan. Mitt Romney is the only presidential candidate who seems to understand or even care about this. In addition, he’s clearly the only candidate with the skills, experience, and intelligence to actually do something about it.

As a former GM employee (I’m on educational leave right now) I’m frustrated that Washington has turned a blind eye toward the American car companies in recent years. I remember President George Bush taking more than a year to finally agree to sit down with the CEOs of the Big 3! What a tragedy! (It would probably have been even worse with a Democrat in the White House as they would have only listened to the unions.) With President Romney, the White House would have an open line and a listening ear for the Big 3.

One of the most frustrating Washington-based initiatives are the “CAFÉ” fuel economy MANDATES. Most people think, “hey, better fuel mileage, I support it!” But what they fail to realize is that the Big 3 – in catering to the tastes of the US market for generations – have built an infrastructure, set of expertise, and entire lines of vehicles designed to meet the needs of the large-vehicle-oriented US market. While importers like Honda and Toyota came to America with a history (and from a geographic base) that favored small cars. So when you require both companies to meet the same fuel mileage requirements, you are clearly favoring the importers. It’s like telling a 5-foot tall woman and a 6-foot tall man that they both need to lose weight and get down to 120 lbs!

This kind of unfair Washington mandate is what McCain and the Democrats support. It hurts the Big 3 and it hurts the American economy.

Here’s what Governor Romney said about it:

“I wasn’t wild about those because even though we all agree we want to see our fuel economy standards go up, when CAFÉ was put in place, it helped the foreign manufacturers and hurt the domestics, it hurt our jobs here.”

“I want to make sure that if we’re going to have a change in fuel standards that this has been worked out with our domestic manufacturers in a way that helps them rather than hurts them and it’s not what I’ll call an unfunded mandate, which is the federal government says, ‘You’ve got to do this — now find a way to go pay for it. Instead, we’re going to have to work together — federal government and state government, manufacturers and labor — to make sure that if there’s gonna be a dramatic change in the industry, it works for the benefit of American jobs, not for the benefit of foreign jobs.”

(I’m sure we’ll hear more about this tomorrow when Romney addresses the Detroit Economic Club.)

Besides the fuel economy mandates, Mitt Romney has a deep understanding of the other issues the Big 3 are struggling with. Issues like skyrocketing legacy costs, artificial devaluation of the Yen to make Japanese imports cheaper, and unfair trade agreements that put US manufacturers at a disadvantage are at the top of Romney’s list. Not only does he understand these issues, he is willing to do something about them – and frankly, he’s the only person running for president, Republican or Democrat, who can actually FIX them.

Here’s the bottom line: If you care about the economy – nationally and in Michigan – you would be completely insane to vote for someone other than Mitt Romney.

Huckabee Clemency Song

What do all five early contests have in common?

The political pundits don't know anything! Just last week they had Hillary out of the race! First, there was the so called Huckaboom. It ended up more like: "Huck-a-let's all go out and vote for the evangelical cause we're Iowans and we love to waste our vote in every election."

Here's a question: What does it mean to have four third-place finishes in a row? Yes, Huckabee may be facing that reality because Mike was third in New Hampshire and was fifth in Wyoming. New polls show him at third in Michigan and then third or fourth in Nevada! Why isn't Michigan or Nevada a "must win" for Huck? Answer: because the pundits don't know anything!

We here at Mitt Rocks! would love to see a solid win for Mitt this Tuesday, but we don't think that even Michigan is a must win for Romney. If you hear otherwise, don't listen. The authors of this website are smarter than the pundits.

All five of the early contests have featured Mitt battling it out for the win. The last major contest, New Hampshire, Mitt won among conservative voters. The independents got in there for McCain...and barely beat Mitt at 37 to 32%. That was hardly a landslide.

But five states in a row...and the common feature in all of them is Mitt Romney. If not for the spoilers in the election, the republicans would already have their nominee. First it was the unpredictable HUGE showing of evangelicals for Huckabee. Second, there were independents for McCain. Now we have Michigan where Romney is, again, leading in most polls and should win...unless some dems or indies come in and spoil it again for McCain. ALL THAT WE ASK IS THAT REPUBLICANS GET A CHANCE TO PICK THEIR OWN NOMINEE!!!

So when should Romney drop out? As soon as conservative Republicans start voting for someone other than Mitt. Otherwise, Mitt is basically saying to the independents and the democrats in sheep's clothing: "go ahead and pick our nominee".

Mitt, keep fighting till super duper Tuesday and beyond. Keep up the fight until MAINSTREAM REPUBLICANS have spoken... because so far, you are their top pick. Keep Thompson pounding on Huckabee and McCain. Is he hinting that he wants to be your Veep?

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Romney Leads Latest Detroit Free Press Poll

Great Article on Romney in Jewish World Review


Romney has been masterful in everything he has attempted. It is not insignificant that this cum laude JD/MBA graduate of Harvard guided Bain Capital to become a hugely successful private equity investment firm and rescued Bain & Company from financial collapse. Romney was brought in to save the 2002 Winter Olympics when the games were mired in scandal and $379 million in debt. Romney was able to turn the situation around completely so that the games actually turned a $100 million profit instead. (He also gave back his salary.) That's not slick, that's substance.

When Mitt Romney took office as governor of Massachusetts, the state had a $1.2 billion deficit. Four years later it was in surplus. He boasts that fourth and eighth graders in Massachusetts achieved the highest scores in the nation in reading and math, though they were doing so before he became governor as well. But his program of assessment, merit pay for good teachers, English immersion and a focus on math and science may have helped keep them at the top.
It is difficult to find any significant weakness in Romney. He is refreshingly articulate, exceedingly well prepared and self-disciplined, clearly an excellent manager with both private and government experience, happily married with a large, supportive family, and well within the mainstream of conservatism on every major issue. His nomination would not divide the base.

He is just the sort of candidate people complain that they never get.

* * * * *

Unlike Huckabee, Romney knows that the presidency is a secular office and that this country was founded upon principles of religious freedom and tolerance. It seems that Huck's only supporters are Evangelicals, and that they support him merely because he wears his religion on his sleeve.

From Mitt Romney's Faith in America speech:

No candidate should become the spokesman for his faith. For if he becomes President he will need the prayers of the people of all faiths.

Conservatives Remembering Why We Didn't Vote for McCain in 2000

John McCain, the proud, grizzled, go-it-alone maverick from Arizona, is basking gleefully in the afterglow of his narrow New Hampshire win. McCain is not the frontrunner. Nobody is. Yet if he somehow pulls out more victories in early primary states that might change. I, along with conservatives everywhere, are scared to death of that proposition, for it would destroy the conservative coalition as we know it. It would rip apart the Reagan coalation of social conservatives, fiscal conservaties, and defense conservatives.

There were lots of reasons conservatives didn't vote for McCain when he ran for president in 2000. Since that time he's given us many more reasons not to vote for him. Here they are (taken from Mark Levin's National Review article):

McCain-Feingold — the most brazen frontal assault on political speech since Buckley v. Valeo.

McCain-Kennedy — the most far-reaching amnesty program in American history.

McCain-Lieberman — the most onerous and intrusive attack on American industry — through reporting, regulating, and taxing authority of greenhouse gases — in American history.

McCain-Kennedy-Edwards — the biggest boon to the trial bar since the tobacco settlement, under the rubric of a patients’ bill of rights.

McCain-Reimportantion of Drugs — a significant blow to pharmaceutical research and development, not to mention consumer safety (hey Rudy, pay attention, see link).

And McCain’s stated opposition to the Bush 2001 and 2003 tax cuts was largely based on socialist, class-warfare rhetoric — tax cuts for the rich, not for the middle class. The public record is full of these statements. Today, he recalls only his insistence on accompanying spending cuts.

As chairman of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, McCain was consistently hostile to American enterprise, from media and pharmaceutical companies to technology and energy companies.

McCain also led the Gang of 14, which prevented the Republican leadership in the Senate from mounting a rule change that would have ended the systematic use (actual and threatened) of the filibuster to prevent majority approval of judicial nominees.

And then there’s the McCain defense record.

His supporters point to essentially one policy strength, McCain’s early support for a surge and counterinsurgency. It has now evolved into McCain taking credit for forcing the president to adopt General David Petreaus’s strategy. Where’s the evidence to support such a claim?

Moreover, Iraq is an important battle in our war against the Islamo-fascist threat. But the war is a global war, and it most certainly includes the continental United States, which, after all, was struck on 9/11. How does McCain fare in that regard?

McCain-ACLU — the unprecedented granting of due-process rights to unlawful enemy combatants (terrorists).

McCain has repeatedly called for the immediate closing of Guantanamo Bay and the introduction of al-Qaeda terrorists into our own prisons — despite the legal rights they would immediately gain and the burdens of managing such a dangerous population.

While McCain proudly and repeatedly points to his battles with Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, who had to rebuild the U.S. military and fight a complex war, where was McCain in the lead-up to the war — when the military was being dangerously downsized by the Clinton administration and McCain’s friend, former Secretary of Defense Bill Cohen? Where was McCain when the CIA was in desperate need of attention? Also, McCain was apparently in the dark about al-Qaeda like most of Washington, despite a decade of warnings.

To read the full text of Levin's National Review article on McCain click here.

Mitt and his faith: Remembering when candidate Romney was Bishop Romney

"For the record, let me say that the Romneys their neighbors and associates know are neither phony nor scary," Barlow writes in a forthcoming issue of Religion in the News, published by the Leonard E. Greenberg Center for Religion in Public Life at Trinity College in Hartford, Conn.

"Like it or not, Romney is naturally smooth, as much in private as in public." The candidate has always "smiled faintly when listening and talking, even about serious or controversial matters," Barlow writes. "Romney smiled in conducting religious services or planning meetings. He smiled while hosting friends at his Cape Cod vacation home. He smiled when comforting a wounded congregant."

This was not a false persona, Barlow writes, but a "mixture of good will, confidence, optimism, enjoyment of intellectual challenge, and idiosyncrasy."

Friday, January 11, 2008

Republicans Unite - Let's Nominate a Conservative!

If you are a conservative, you ought to be worried. Very worried. The Republican Party is getting closer and closer to nominating either McCain or Huckabee - the least conservative candidates possible. If either of these guys get the nomination, it will destroy the Reagan coalition of fiscal, social, and defense conservatives. We can't let that happen.

I am calling on all Republicans to unite behind conservative candidates. This is a pro-Romney blog, so it shouldn't be surprising that I believe Governor Romney is the only full-spectrum conservative capable of going the distance and beating the democrats in November. But the nature of the situation is dire, and I'm willing to step back from my candidate in the best interest of this country and the GOP, so I'm willing to allow room for Fred Thompson (and possibly Rudy Giuliani as well). Despite their weaknesses, I believe they would at least operate as full-spectrum conservatives if elected.

So here's the plan: Let's bombard prominent conservatives with emails asking them to support Mitt Romney, or if they refuse to do that, at least anti-endorse Huckabee and McCain.

Here's a list of prominent conservatives and how to contact them. Please take a minute to compose a short email and send it to each one of them. If I've missed someone, or if you know a better email address, post a comment to this blog entry.

Matt Drudge (scroll part-way down, submission field on right)
Rush Limbaugh
Laura Ingraham
Glenn Beck
Grover Norquist
Mark Levin
Sean Hannity
Michael Savage
Charles Krauthammer
Pat Buchanan
Bill O’Reilly
Peggy Noonan
Michelle Malkin
William Bennett
Michael Medved

It should only take about 5 minutes to email all the people on this list, so go to it!

Here is the message I sent:

Dear __________,

Thank you for your commitment to conservative principles. I am writing to ask you to endorse one of the full-spectrum conservatives running for president. I realize you may be reluctant to endorse a candidate, as it may lead some to question your objectivity in the future or alienate some fans, but in these precarious times, it is the right thing to do. Although your journalistic reputation and fan base are important, the future of the Republican Party - even the future of this nation - is at stake.

Personally, I support Mitt Romney. I believe he is the most electable full-spectrum conservative. I hope you will join me in supporting Governor Romney. If you are unwilling to do this, please at least speak out against McCain and Huckabee. McCain is willing to compromise any and all conservatism when tempted by liberals, and Huckabee is simply a socially-conservative Democrat.

Please do the right thing. We need your help. People like you were able to defeat the amnesty bill, and it's people like you who will ensure that Republicans nominate a full-spectrum conservative.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Rush Frustrated - Liberals Choosing the Republican Nominee
The caucuses are a weird setup in Iowa, and, of course, New Hampshire anybody can cross the state line and vote, and among conservatives Romney beat McCain by seven points!

Now, we're Republicans, and theoretically we're out there trying to nominate a conservative to run as president here, as close to one as we can get, and yet the guy who wins New Hampshire is going all over the board, and the guy who wins Iowa getting votes from independents, who by definition are not conservatives! This is why, folks -- this is precisely why -- McCain and Huckabee are feverishly trying to get Romney out now, as soon as they can, and this is why they are being vicious in their attacks on Romney.

This is why we repeatedly point out here that the states that allow independents and even Democrats to vote in their Republican primaries are not indicative of the Republican Party, which is why McCain and Huckabee have shots in them. McCain and Huckabee are winning these early states, where Republicans are outnumbered. It's not Republicans; it's not conservatives in majority who were electing Huckabee or McCain, so far, voting for them. Michigan is the same.

Here we have Republican primaries in which Democrats and independents are determining our winners! It's important that you understand that. Romney... I hate to say this, but Romney may be out of this before we ever get to states where a majority of Republicans, conservative Republicans are going to vote -- and look at who the choices might be then! I don't think he's going to get out. But I mean the definition is he's done, he's cooked, he's lost four, hasn't won one. At some point you gotta win something for momentum. He's not going to get South Carolina. By Super Tuesday, Republicans might have as their two choices people that are not conservatives that have been elected, I should say, and have their leads based on votes from Democrats and independents. Can you say "screwed"?

My Plea: Rush, I know you have a policy against endorsing candidates, but would you please - for the good of the party and for the good of the country - make an exeption and endorse Romney? (Additionally, I extend this plea to Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, Michelle Malkin, Peggy Noonan, Charles Krauthammer, Matt Drudge, Pat Buchanan, etc., etc.)

Mike Huckabee wants underage children on our highways

by David Alvord

I loved Fred Thompson's performance last night. While Mitt was again, the smartest person at the debate, Fred was Mitt's attack dog on Huckabee and to a lesser extent McCain. And I think that Fred landed some good punches about the former Arkansas gov. tax and spend record.

Huckabee's response: "What I did raise in Arkansas was hope." Huck then went on to say how he was helping children for this and that. If you have any doubts that Huck is not a conservative, just listen to what he says! "FOR THE CHILDREN" is the excuse a liberal uses to raise taxes and to spend. The democrats just used that line for the S-CHIP health deal that fell through (thanks to a Bush veto).
As a parent, I have a question for you tax and spend liberals: Why don't you keep your mitts off our money so that I can afford health insurance for my kids and give them a good Christmas this year? If you love the children so much, then let parents decide what to do with their money that you would spend on "universal Pre-K". Maybe me and my wife would like to teach our kids their ABCs ourselves and then take a family trip with the money we saved. Maybe if we weren't taxed so heavily, more Moms could stay home (which is what kid's really want anyway).

The low point for Huck was when he made the claim that his spending on the highways of Arkansas was "for the children". I had to pause our TiVo and rub my eyes in disbelief! I asked my wife: Does Mike Huckabee think that children are driving on the highways? Mike Huckabee must be for lowering the 16 year old age minimum for drivers licenses!

It's time for conservative Christians of all faiths to put their brains back on and start to see this guy for what he is. If he didn't have an R before his name, you'd swear that Mike was a democrat! He even uses lines out of their playbook. Just like his press conference where he said that he "wasn't going to go negative"...but here is the add that would have used. That was pure Clinton 101! It's time that conservatives show Mike Huckabee the door. And if you won't do it for me, would you please do it for the children?

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Momentum is out, substance is in

According to a recent article in the National review, Romney would be extremely foolish to drop out of the race, even if he loses Michigan.

This will probably not be a momentum-based campaign. If all the Republican candidates held roughly similar views (as with this year’s Dems), then a Romney loss in Michigan might be decisive. But in the Republican race, Romney holds a place (fairly mainstream conservative across the board) matched by no other candidate. Given the resistance of some portion of the conservative base to every other candidate, Romney would be foolish to drop out, even after a loss in Michigan. In fact, Romney stands to capitalize on what may well be the next big development in the race, the (relative) rise of Giuliani, at McCain’s expense.

I think that Romney should stay in this thing until a clear frontrunner emerges.

Another thought as to why Romney may just win in Michigan: Michigan will be the first state where Huckabee and McCain will both have a dog in the fight. The moderate Republicans will be split between McCain and Huckabee. The anti-mormon vote will be split as well. The religious voters for Huck, the moderate and trendy (less informed) votes to McCain. Romney will gather the more traditional Hannity/Rush Limbaugh Republicans.

Even though McCain and Huck will have a combined score better than Romney's, Mitt could still come out with the win. So, a possible outcome could be Huck 23, McCain 27, Romney 29. A Romney gold medal! John McCain is probably on the phone with Huckabee right now asking him to lay low in Michigan so that he can be the moderate's alternative to Romney. But will Huck take the bait? Two wins in a row from the Macster could really threaten Huck's chances. Huck better have a good showing in Michigan or else he may be out...a one hit wonder!

What about the Democratic spoilers? You know, those folks who will vote for a moderate (they themselves being dems) to try to disrupt a conservative nomination? They will also be split between McCain and Huckabee. And they won't be as organized as they were in New Hampshire. Michigan is a lot bigger state...with millions more in residents. If you are a spoiler who do you go for Huck or McCain?

In a few days, we will see what happens...but either way Romney will probably still lead in delegates and total votes...leaving Romney little reason to drop out.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Almost the complete package

by David Alvord

Endorsements: Check
Fundraising: Check
Appearance: Check
Organization: Check
Ground Game: Check
Ability: Check
Conservative credentials: Check
Authenticity: To be determined

All that Mitt needs to deliver the knock-out punch is to somehow show his authentic human side. The New Hampshire primaries made me realize how much emotion plays a part in people's decision making when voting for a president. Mitt has been running his campaign like a business. No one doubts that he has done well...and I have no doubt that Romney's skills would translate very well to the presidency. Romney needs to bust out the baby pictures. Tell some nogstalgic stories from his Michigan childhood. Show the pictures of when he was in the high school play. Talk about some memories that other Michiganders may be able to relate to. Name prominent streets and landmarks that shaped his upbringing. Talk about falling in love with Anne.

Mitt, everybody knows that you are the most qualified, and the best. People just need to have an emotional connection to seal the deal. Sure, bring up the economy. Bring up your economic policies. But don't forget to talk about your personal life. You have a great personal life! You should be showing that off...along with a little self-deprecating humor in the mix.

Republicans want to vote for the most conservative...but they also want the guy who they have had some kind of emotional connection with. I know that mine is just another blog...but I hope that someone from the Romney campaign can get this message to Mitt. I think that if Romney could better emotionally connect with people, then he would be unstoppable. And I am not criticizing. Romney has been good, but it is time to be great.

Mitt leads the popular Republican vote

Romney: 105,955
McCain: 104,006
Huckabee: 67,601
Giuliani: 24,484
Thompson: 19,088

These numbers were taken from the results of Iowa, Wyoming, and New Hampshire. The results show that more republicans want Mitt over all the rest! If only the media would show these numbers. But hey, that's why we have Mitt Rocks!

Romney down but not out...

by David Alvord

Yesterday, John McCain came back to the folks who delivered to him an 18 point advantage over George W. Bush back in 2000. A lot of them stayed loyal to him, but many also came out for our guy. Final score: McCain 37, Romney 32, Huckabee 11.

Why did this happen? While Romney was duking it out with Huckabee in Iowa, McCain was spending lots of time in New Hampshire. Also, those independents came out for him in the end.

Romney should feel good that the mainstream conservatives were in his corner yesterday. But a loss is still a loss and we all have to admit that it hurt Mitt. But save your obituaries because there is still no front-runner in the race on either side.

Michigan will be the pivotal moment in this race. A Romney win would put Mitt back in the lead. A Huckabee win might propel Mike to South Carolina and possibly on to the nomination. A McCain win would give John two in a row.

Romney is going in to Michigan from a position of strength because he is the leader of the delegate count.

Delegates earned:

Romney 30

Huckabee 21

McCain 10

Thompson 6

Paul 2

Giulinani 1

Hunter 1

Michigan is a must win for Mitt, but is very possible. This will be a crucial six days!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Please, New Hampshire, Don't Let Us Down! We're Counting On You! Vote for Mitt!

Who is John McCain?

Who is John McCain? Here are some things the liberal media won't tell you about McCain...

As a child, John was known for a quick temper and an aggressive drive to compete and prevail.[4]

He had a continued reputation as a fiery and contentious personality[9] and graduated from high school in 1954.

McCain was a rebellious midshipman and his career at the Naval Academy was ambivalent and lackluster.[10]

He had his share of run-ins with the faculty and leadership; each year he was given over 100 demerits. [2]

McCain graduated from Annapolis in 1958; he was fifth from the bottom in class rank.[13]

He earned a reputation as a party man, as he drove a Corvette, dated an exotic dancer named "Marie the Flame of Florida", and, as he would later say, "generally misused my good health and youth."[7]

While still married, in 1979, while attending a military reception in Hawaii, McCain met and fell in love with Cindy Lou Hensley, 17 years his junior, a teacher from Phoenix, Arizona who was the daughter of James Willis Hensley, a wealthy Anheuser-Busch distributor.[50]

By now it was clear that McCain's naval career was stalled; he would never be promoted to admiral as his grandfather and father had been.[48]. McCain filed for and obtained an uncontested divorce from his wife Carol in Florida on April 2, 1980;[19]

McCain and Hensley were married on May 17, 1980[13] in Phoenix, Arizona. McCain's children were very upset with him and did not attend the wedding.[48]

Keating Five: In 1989, the Lincoln Savings and Loan Association of Irvine, Calif., collapsed. Lincoln's chairman, Charles H. Keating Jr., was faulted for the thrift's failure. It came out that senators had been beneficiaries of $1.3 million in campaign contributions from Keating.

The ethics committee's investigation focused on five senators: Alan Cranston (D-CA); Dennis DeConcini (D-AZ); John Glenn (D-OH); John McCain (R-AZ); and Donald W. Riegle, Jr. (D-MI), who became known as the Keating Five.

After months of testimony, [it was revealed that] that all five senators acted improperly.

McCain's reputation as a maverick stems from his authorship of the McCain-Feingold Act for campaign finance reform and his stance on illegal immigration[168].

McCain has been a strong opponent of the Bush administration's use of "enhanced interrogation techniques" in the War on Terror.[169][170]

McCain has been a lead sponsor of gun control legislation.[171][172]

McCain voted against President Bush's tax cuts in 2001 and 2003, though he voted to extend the tax breaks in 2005[173].

Maha Rushie: Romney's new best friend

From Rush today: see story

I'll tell you, there's so much conventional wisdom out there. I, for one, just want to repeat this: I don't think McCain's a lock in New Hampshire tomorrow night. I believe these debates matter. I believe people in New Hampshire watch 'em. In both the Saturday night debate and the Sunday night forum, McCain did not do well. I don't care what anybody tells you. You can look at the focus groups and see for yourself: He did not do well. He came off as sinister, mean, and strident on Saturday night.

Sunday, he came across as tired and out of it, as though somebody had said, "Look, you're a little too strident last night on Romney. Back off," which he did -- and then for McCain to sit there and whine and moan about attack ads? Come on! This ain't beanbag! Politics is a blood sport. You know, McCain has run his share of attack ads. But these guys have been in politics all their lives. They've had attack ads run against them. They act like big babies, they can't deal with attack ads. And, by the way, what's an "attack ad"?

You know, McCain is just like the Democrats in this regard. If you run an ad that's truthful about their record, all of a sudden you're "attacking" them. There have been some truthful commercials about McCain. McCain has been the author of the first official intervention in the First Amendment in this nation's history: McCain-Feingold. He has opposed tax cuts, the Bush tax cuts. So to put that out there in an ad is not an attack ad. It happens to be true. You have all this sensitivity about these attack ads. You don't see Romney whining and moaning about these things. You don't see Fred Thompson whining and moaning about these things. You don't see Rudy whining and moaning. But you do see Huckabee and McCain whining and moaning about this. It's unbecoming, because this is what it is.

Politics is what it is. I'll tell you what I actually think. This is based on truth, and it is in fact truth: the media are out to break up conservatives. I was instant messaging with F. Lee last night, and to me, there is no question. I spent this weekend in intense study of what's going on up there. I watched more political TV this weekend than I have watched probably in the last six months. My instincts were confirmed: Media are out to break up conservatives, dispirit us, destroy us, destroy the Republican coalition of the evangelicals; the social and fiscal conservatives; they're out to destroy that.

They want to destroy that by getting McCain or Huckabee nominated. That's how they intend to do it, and we have pundits, including some who are conservative, who are falling all over themselves to be the first to announce permanent realignments, permanent trends; the end of this era, the beginning of that era. In truth, all they have to be making such sweeping predictions is the results of the Iowa caucuses, where a couple hundred thousand people voted, 10% of those eligible, in a very odd format. Now New Hampshire is coming where the more liberal or populist candidate in the Republican Party now benefits from the flood of independents who vote in the GOP primary and skews the results, which means that you cannot draw conclusions about the Republican Party based on New Hampshire but they will anyway, and you've got to keep this in mind. Whatever happens in New Hampshire tomorrow night, the Drive-Bys are going to try to spin this as the end of conservatism as it's known.

Now, let me be blunt about some things here. Governor Huckabee does evangelicals a disservice when he uses faith to promote what is a liberal, populist agenda -- an agenda that includes large tax increases, which were not offset by tax cuts. I hope you saw the question from Romney last night to Governor Huckabee about taxes. He wouldn't answer the question. He got very testy, and said, "I'm not talking to you, Mitt! I'm talking to the moderator, Chris Wallace." So Wallace simply repeated Mitt Romney's question. "Well, did you raise taxes, a net increase, after all your cuts and increases?" He didn't want to answer the question. When he finally got around to answering, he said, "Well, the courts made me do it."Court orders were not responsible for $500 billion of tax increases, folks. I hate to tell you. There's no governor that can say a court made him raise taxes that many times. It was a bit sad.

The Huckabee agenda is large tax increases, not offset by tax cuts; open borders; amnesty for illegals, particularly their kids. He was also nailed on that last night. "Well, governor, you've said that you want the kids of illegals to stay and go to school." "Well, federal government hadn't done its job. Kids have to be educated." "Yeah, but you said that you want to give college students in-state tuition, and federal government doesn't say anything about that."And then he said, "Well, what's really going to happen here is when we deport all these illegals, they're going to take their kids with them, if they go out of school, have to go back to Mexico, get in line, they come back, they'll go back and finish school." "Uh, but I thought it was great to have 'em here and stay in school?"It was just all over the ballpark. And then McCain trying to defend his amnesty (laughing) by saying it wasn't amnesty because there was a $5,000 fine. Yeah, right. Let me say a couple of things about that $5,000 fine.

Do you know who's going to pay the fine, if anybody? Their employers are going to pay the McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill. But besides that, there's no enforcement in that bill, or there wasn't. Who's going to track these people down and collect the money? What if they don't have it? If the $5,000 is paid, then okay, there's no amnesty. There's a big penalty, right? No amnesty? It's an annuity! If you're going to get five grand from these people and that puts 'em on the Social Security rolls and on the welfare rolls, it's an annuity! It is amnesty! He's going out of his way to say it wasn't amnesty, but it is -- and in New Hampshire, you know, they're not so concerned about it, the independents that have moved in there from Massachusetts, but this kind of stuff is not going to fly once we get out of New Hampshire. Once we get out of South Carolina, some of the border states, it ain't going to fly, folks.

Amnesty is not amnesty because we're going to fine them $5,000? Everybody knows they're not going to be tracked down to be forced to pay the five grand in the first place! Our memories are not that short, here, Senator McCain. We remember this amnesty bill like it was yesterday. Our memories are not short on campaign finance reform, either. I mean you're out there complaining. I thought you got the money out of politics! I thought you got all the mean-spirited out of politics. Now you're out there complaining about "attack ads from Mitt Romney." I guess we need some more campaign finance reform, don't we, Senator McCain? (Big sigh) Anyway, back to Huckabee. You start granting amnesty for illegal aliens, that's going to hurt the incomes and jobs of church-going, middle class Americans.