Thursday, January 24, 2008

FOX News: Romney Has Lead In Florida

by Brent Moritz

According to the poll from January 22-23, Romney now has the lead in Florida.

Romney 30%
McCain 26%
Giuliani 18%
Huckabee 15%

Clearly we like Romney's chances and he has gained significant support in Florida and elsewhere.

While the race for first is within the margin for error, what is particularly interesting is how far Giuliani has fallen. Once the clear frontrunner in Florida, he is now running third. A bad loss in Florida would likely doom his chances to secure the nomination.

Similarly, Huckabee does not have the money to compete in Florida and appears to be focused on other states.

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Anonymous said...

After Thursday night's stellar debate showing for Mitt, I predict his poll numbers will continue to rise. Rudy sealed his fate tonight and I think we will begin seeing some Rudy supporters gravitate to Romney. EGGSALANT!