Thursday, January 3, 2008

Mitt Rockers Predict Iowa Results

Here's the Mitt Rockers' predictions for the Iowa caucuses (these are scientific polls based on pure speculation):

Romney: 31
Huckabee: 28
McCain: 15
Thompson: 12
Giuliani: 8
Paul: 6

Romney: 27%
Huckabee: 26%
Guliani: 22%
McCain: 12%
Thompson: 9%
Paul: 4%

Huckabee 31
Romney 28
McCain 14
Thompson 10
Giuliani 9
Paul 8


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Thompson will finish fourth. And then he'll drop out and most of his supporters will go to Romney.

Solo in DC said...

CNN just called Huckabee...this is your cuz Ariane, Matt :)

Cold Leftovers said...

this is unbelievable! have they no sense?

Anonymous said...

Was there just a massive brain outtage in Iowa? Two liberals just won. No one voted conservative tonight. The heartland is corrupted.

Anonymous said...

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