Sunday, January 6, 2008

McCain, Huck, and Giuliani gang up on the conservative

The way I read last night's debate was that three moderates feel that Mitt Romney is their biggest threat. I think that McCain would rather run against Huckabee than against Romney. In fact, none of these guys wants to take Romney on by himself. It was like the show "Survivor". You have to take out the guy who will pose the biggest threat down the line.

Why is Romney considered the biggest threat? He is the most conservative viable candidate running! The rest of the candidates know that if it comes down to two choices, Republicans will choose the more conservative. I have always felt that Fred Thompson has posed the biggest threat to Romney because he is the only other conservative out there. Now that Thompson is running out of gas, only Romney stands between the moderates and the nomination.

Good luck tonight Mitt! Expose these RINOs for what they are. If one of them gets the nomination, there will be some serious buyer's remorse by the republican establishment, and we can almost guarantee a democratic victory.

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Pedaling said...

you said it and i agree.