Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Gosh, I sure "hope" Obama isn't psycho

by David Alvord

In response to my last article about Sen. Obama, some comments that were posted may have mistakenly assumed that I found everything that Obama said to be wrong...but rather, I was really just pointing out that he was wrongly defending his pastor.

But his idiotic pastor is still running his mouth and now Obama is ready to throw him under the bus. Why didn't you just do that in the first place, Senator?

If the junior senator from Illinois is actually elected to our nation's highest office, all we can hope for is that the Republicans have some strong leadership that can steer the ship from afar. Senator Obama gave an inspiring speech about hope, but with a very limited voting record, all we can do is hope that his presidency would have a leadership vacuum, like that of President Clinton, and that the Republicans can once again fill that void.


McCain can pick Romney as his running mate and restore conservative confidence in the coming election. I think the only way I will feel any sense of security in the coming election is to have Romney on the ticket.

I would rather have more than "hope" that Obama isn't an elitist. I would rather not have to "hope" Obama doesn't agree with his wacko pastor. I need more than "hope" to say that Obama's pulling out of Iraq won't cause genocide and eventually a large regional conflict. Can I "hope" that a man whose middle name is Hussein will prosecute the war on terror effectively?

No, it is with more than hope that I want to vote this fall. I say we let Obama serve a few more terms in the Senate to see what kind of man he is, and just how he would govern. I want to vote with confidence for a McCain / Romney ticket. John, please make it so.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Pro-Huckabee Evangelical Extremists Go After Mitt Again

As if the anti-Mormon rhetoric from the extreme Christian right didn't hurt enough people during the primary season, it looks like they're at it again--this time trying to convince McCain that he should not pick Mitt as VP.

Several right wing Christian activists and prominent Mike Huckabee backers have published a full page anti-Mitt ad that will appear in cities McCain will be visiting in the near future. Among other things, this ad alleges (falsely) that Mitt is pro-choice and pro-gay marriage. It concludes by threatening McCain, stating dramatically that "Willard Mitt Romney is a deal breaker."

Now it's one thing to criticize a person's positions. But it's entirely something else when that criticism is not true. Every single allegation in their ad is refuted by credible news sources. Also, many people in this group have in the past been guilty of unfairly criticizing Mitt's religion and personal character. This bigotry has been cloaked, of course, in the name of the fight for "conservative social values." Such agenda-driven bias makes the petition even more laughable--yet another hipocritical charade of Huckabee and his ilk.

The statement is posted online and contains a petition which supposedly will be sent to John McCain. I encourage Romney supporters everywhere to sign this petition using comments that expose this underhanded effort for what it is. To view the full text of the ad and to sign the petition click here.