Saturday, May 31, 2008

Obama thinks the US has 57 states-Claims to see dead people

Click here to watch Barack Obama, the liberals' great "prophet", as he forgets how many states are in the US. Then click here to watch a video where at a recent Memorial Day service Obama claims to see dead people!

Why is it that every time a conservative commits a blunder it's played in the news over and over again until it becomes pop fiction lore (think: Dan Quail, potatoe).

But when a left wing liberal makes a similar mistake, for some strange reason it is buried by the media, and you never hear about it.

Do I see a double standard here? Hmmm... You can bet that if John McCain or Mitt Romney had made either of these statements it would be plastered all over the news networks.

Ladies and gentleman, witness the clear political bias of our "grand" US media institutions. Nothing, no nothing, that will hurt their left wing political agenda will ever appear in the mainstream media--even when it's really funny.