Friday, January 11, 2008

Republicans Unite - Let's Nominate a Conservative!

If you are a conservative, you ought to be worried. Very worried. The Republican Party is getting closer and closer to nominating either McCain or Huckabee - the least conservative candidates possible. If either of these guys get the nomination, it will destroy the Reagan coalition of fiscal, social, and defense conservatives. We can't let that happen.

I am calling on all Republicans to unite behind conservative candidates. This is a pro-Romney blog, so it shouldn't be surprising that I believe Governor Romney is the only full-spectrum conservative capable of going the distance and beating the democrats in November. But the nature of the situation is dire, and I'm willing to step back from my candidate in the best interest of this country and the GOP, so I'm willing to allow room for Fred Thompson (and possibly Rudy Giuliani as well). Despite their weaknesses, I believe they would at least operate as full-spectrum conservatives if elected.

So here's the plan: Let's bombard prominent conservatives with emails asking them to support Mitt Romney, or if they refuse to do that, at least anti-endorse Huckabee and McCain.

Here's a list of prominent conservatives and how to contact them. Please take a minute to compose a short email and send it to each one of them. If I've missed someone, or if you know a better email address, post a comment to this blog entry.

Matt Drudge (scroll part-way down, submission field on right)
Rush Limbaugh
Laura Ingraham
Glenn Beck
Grover Norquist
Mark Levin
Sean Hannity
Michael Savage
Charles Krauthammer
Pat Buchanan
Bill O’Reilly
Peggy Noonan
Michelle Malkin
William Bennett
Michael Medved

It should only take about 5 minutes to email all the people on this list, so go to it!

Here is the message I sent:

Dear __________,

Thank you for your commitment to conservative principles. I am writing to ask you to endorse one of the full-spectrum conservatives running for president. I realize you may be reluctant to endorse a candidate, as it may lead some to question your objectivity in the future or alienate some fans, but in these precarious times, it is the right thing to do. Although your journalistic reputation and fan base are important, the future of the Republican Party - even the future of this nation - is at stake.

Personally, I support Mitt Romney. I believe he is the most electable full-spectrum conservative. I hope you will join me in supporting Governor Romney. If you are unwilling to do this, please at least speak out against McCain and Huckabee. McCain is willing to compromise any and all conservatism when tempted by liberals, and Huckabee is simply a socially-conservative Democrat.

Please do the right thing. We need your help. People like you were able to defeat the amnesty bill, and it's people like you who will ensure that Republicans nominate a full-spectrum conservative.

Thanks for your time and consideration.


Cold Leftovers said...

Done. This was a great idea. Thanks for researching and listing the contact information for us. If we can persuade just a couple of these, it will make a significant difference!

Anonymous said...

This is the letter I sent to everyone on your list. Read below.


If Mike Huckabee had made racial comments about a leading black candidate or sexist comments about a leading female candidate, he would have been castigated by the media. How he was able to launch his surge with religious bigotry is dumbfounding to me. It seems that everyone is oblivious to the obvious.

In the event that Mitt Romney does not win the nomination, then history will show that Mike Huckabee pulled off the political crime of the century. It was Mike Huckabee that raised religious issues among Iowa evangelicals by comments toward Romney's religion. As Huckabee's tactics started to show in the Iowa polls, Mitt responded with his "Faith in America" speech. Romney was then forced to work on damage control. Romney's efforts in Iowa paid off and he continued to rise back in the polls but the damage gave him a second in a state he held firmly until Huckabee's misuse of the public forum.

McCain saw his window and concentrated on New Hampshire while Romney was being unduly "occupied" in Iowa. Romney was forced to aggressively address things detracting from what his positive messaging had been and did so famously. Romney then relied on comparison ads to contrast differences. These ads were constantly referred to as "attack ads" by Huckabee, who continually portrayed him as "desperate", and "attacking". Now Huckabee is able to capitalize on such tactics. Because of his use of the majority evangelical state of Iowa and with the ignorance/bias of the drive-by media toward the Mormon religion, he flew under the radar of a nation that has worked since Lincoln to erase such bigotry.

A majority of the nation now sees only that Mike Huckabee won the Iowa caucus and that John McCain won New Hampshire but knows little of this back story. I think it important to present it. Observe for yourself and pass these perspectives along. We need a TRUE man for change and a proven record of turning things around in the Oval office.

Mike Huckabee is truly tearing the Reagan/Bush coalition apart. Please endorse Mitt Romney.

Kirk said...
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Anonymous said...

Done. We need more people to do this. I'm am more worried than I have ever been about this country in the hands of UpChuckabee and McBane.
I'm already taxed too much and do we really want to put the anti-terrorism effort in the hands of one of these two liberals?

NM_Mitt_Commit said...

All Romney supporters, let's make a push for donations on Wednesday, January 16, 2008, the day after the Michigan primaries. The media and the other Republican candidates are trying to push MITT out because they know he is strong.

I will be a first time donor. If you haven't donated, donate on that day. If you already donated, do it again on that day, even if it's just $10.

Now the hard part, commit to finding five more people who will donate on that day. We have to get up off our duffs and do something or a good man may go down, and we will wonder why. Also, try to get your five donors to commit to finding five more donors.

I may only get a little tree here in New Mexico, but if everybody else gets a small tree, we may just create a forest.



Lynn said...

Funny but I started down this path myself before I found this website. I emailed about 4 people on your list. I am so glad you have validated my idea and that you provided me with more people to write. Here my letter, it is simple but heartfelt and slightly edited for each person.....

It would seem that you and I are on the same page when it comes to who is the best and most electable candidate. It is so obvious that Mitt Romney is head and shoulders better than all the others. He is bursting with ideas and we are LUCKY to have him in this race, someone who, frankly, does not need all of this which is precisely why you need to do something quick...before we lose him!!!! If you care about america, Miss insert name, have to speak up!!! he may quit if he does not win MI...that would be a tragedy!! YOU have a voice....please help us all! Romney is a gift from GOD....dont let him get away!! I have not felt so passionate about any candidate in my life...everyone talks about Reagan this and Reagan that and does he measure up to Reagan....I LIKE HIM BETTER THAN REAGAN!!!
I am an excellent judge of character and I knew the minute I laid eyes on the huck that he was a farce and turns out I was right and as sure as I was about that I am sure that Mitt Romney is a jewel that we can not afford to let get away from us!!! He is the real deal and you must speak up, it for America before it is too late!!!!!!!!!!!! If anyone else gets the nomination I will not vote!

Sincerely and with great respect,

NM_Mitt_Commit said...

I'm glad to hear that others have felt the same thing. I would just encourage everybody who has been sitting back and wondering about what to do to get out and do something for Mitt. I've only had a little time since yesterday to work on it, but I already have 15 commitments for donations on Wednesday, January 16, 2008 and 13 of those committed to finding five more to donate on the same day and try and get those people to also commit to finding five more for Wednesday.

We may not raise a lot of money, but it could easily be 150-300 new donors in the New Mexico and surrounding areas from one person deciding to do something. And I will try to start a push on Thursday for more people to donate on Monday, January 21, 2008 with a whole new group.

Never think one person doesn't matter. You matter; your vote matters; and your donation matters!

Just get up and do something!

lynn said...

Maybe I am crazy but the letter writing seems like it worked...Sean all but came out and said Mitt is his guy as he defended him vehemently against a liberal caller today...My local talk show host came out and said he is 1 of 3 he likes very much..(well its a start as his first choice duncan hunter has little life) savage said yesterday(tho this may have been a tape) that Mitt was the ONLY one he would vote for although he said "I wish he would come on my show"...Mitt....go talk to savage!!

Keep writing those letters works!!

MarkMyWord said...

Hey, if you haven't seen it, Ann Coulter has come out for Mitt!!! In her column today on, she strongly supports him! Now we just need Rush, Michelle & a few of the others on this list!