Thursday, January 24, 2008

Headhunting Happens

by David McEntire

Why don't Democrats want Mitt to be their opponent? Because they will have to work harder.
From time to time, I receive phone calls from headhunters wanting to know of my interest in new jobs. When they discover I am not currently looking they will ask, "would you recommend anyone else for this position?" At this point, I will always refer them to my biggest competitor in the market. The reason is because the less resistance I have in the market--the more success the market has in my favor.

This is why there has been hostility and will increase hostility towards Mitt. We are taught to tackle the man who is carrying the ball. In this case, Mitt continues to carry the pigskin because of his solid experience, smart work, and true character.

When Mitt gets the GOP nomination, the Democrats will be headhunting. When this hunt begins, it will become more apparent that America needs Mitt.

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