Monday, January 21, 2008

Another gold on Mitt's horizon?

Those polled by Rasmussen sure think so.

Most recent polling in Florida shows:

Mitt 25
McCain 20
Rudy 19
Huck 13
Thompson 12

PS: Has anyone heard whether Fred is ready to drop out?


rON IN aUSTIN said...


Is a winner take all.

Silver and

Go Mitt

Christopher said...

I've been predicting for the past week that Mitt will take Florida to the White House.

I hope I am right.

HTS said...

Great news. If the economy is the issue as they say it is in Florida, Mitt will win decisively. This will be the beginning of the end of McCain, who is a tire grumpy old "go-with-the-flow" Washington beaurocrat. Huck is already history. Fred needs to get out of the way. Rudy's demise will be in Florida. HE will probably take third.

Anonymous said...

That poll is way exciting. Mitt ROMNEY should hurry up and get the formalities over so he can announce COLIN POWELL as his VP prior to Florida. A serious-minded, respectable ticket like that would be impossible to ignore and POWELL's military LEADERSHIP experience and foreign relations expertise would make John McCain just kinda fade into the wallpaper, dontchathink?

MarkMyWord said...

Interesting to see the Colin Powell mention. I just commented on another site (the ElectRomneyIn2008 Yahoo group) that either Condi Rice or former congressman J.C. Watts would be great potential runningmates for Mitt.

I would love, love, love, love to see the first black and/or female VP be a conservative Republican! :oD

HTS said...

I've never heard of announcing the VP candidate until at the convention, after the presidential candidate is actually nominated. Am I wrong?
I seriously doubt that Mitt's VP candidate will be any of the existing presidential candidates. Mitt is going to chose a strong person who will help the ticket and unify the party. Colin Powell might be a good choice, but I sort of doubt he would want the job.

Anonymous said...

Mitt is a bit unorthodox, or innovative I should say im his campaigning approach. Why not announce a VP early? Maybe presumptuous? I think not. I don't think it's too early to know who the whole ticket will be. ROMNEY/POWELL '08.

MarkMyWord said...

I can only think of a candidate doing that one time, and it backfired. That was Reagan when he was opposing Ford for the GOP nomination in 1976. That seemed to be the turning point in the race between the two.

So I think I would wait until he's the clear choice, if I were him!