Monday, July 30, 2007

Fred the "Friendly Ghost"

There are three top-tier candidates and one ghost. So why doesn't Fred announce his candidacy? Maybe he doesn't have the money to pay for the balloons and confetti! Rumor has it that Fred may have only raised 3M.

Wasn't Thompson supposed to announce over the fourth of July? Where is this guy? Is he just hovering around somewhere? Is he even alive? Maybe what we are seeing is old video clips...or maybe he is a computer generated candidate. C'mon Fred! The water's fine!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Ron Paul Supporters - No Show in the Poll

I'm confused. Based on Internet traffic, YouTube video popularity, posting on blogs and articles, etc., it would seem that Ron Paul is a front-runner among the Republicans. The amount of ardent supporters Ron Paul has in his corner is truly amazing.

Now the confusing part: Based on this apparent high level of support, I would assume that RP would be doing well in the polls - at least in Iowa. But here is the latest Iowa poll:

Research 2000 Iowa Republican Primary

Romney - 25%
F Thompson - 14%
Giuliani - 13%
McCain - 10%
Gingrich - 6%
Huckabee - 2%
Thompson - 2%
Tancredo - 2%
Brownback - 2%
Hunter - 1%
Paul - 1%

So what is going on with Ron? Where are his supporters in this poll? I think Ron Paul is a nice guy, and means well, but he has absolutely NO chance to win the election, and as far as I'm concerned, time and money spent to further his cause is time and money that could be better spend furthering the cause of the most viable Republican candidate - Mitt Romney.

Survey was conducted July 23-25 of 400 likely Republican caucus-goers.

Full Poll Results can be found

Monday, July 23, 2007

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Times poll shows Romney's Mormon problem is not so bad...

To Americans, Romney's religious convictions make him only slightly less favorable than a candidate who has once been a minister. Is that because all Mormon males ARE ministers? Yes, it's true that all worthy Mormon males are ordained to the perhaps Mitt's Mormon problem is really just a lack of faith in men of the cloth in general. The NYT times poll showed that 25% of Americans were less likely to vote for a candidate who was once a minister. So the Mormon "problem" is really just a 5% handicap.

So let's tally up all the scores for all of the leading candidates (the higher the score the less likely Americans will vote):

Mitt Romney : Mormon = 30 pts

Rudy Giuliani : extra marital affair (39)+ divorced (9) = 48 pts

Hillary Clinton: EMA (Bill) 39 + Long time washington politics 15 + woman 11 + Christian 5 =70 pts

Barack Hussein Obama: Used drugs in the past (45) + Smokes Cigarettes (18) + Black (4) = 67

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fred is Dead

They're droppin' like flies.

First it was McCain with immigration, then Giuliani with the Firemen, and now Fred Thompson with the pro-abortion group he worked for and his lies to cover it up...

Looks like Mitt Romney is the last (and by far the best) man standing.


It appears Guilani doesn't subscribe to the adage, "punctuality says more about you than you think it does." Read here for more:

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Swimming - Mitt's Merit Badge

Here is Mitt's latest campaign video. No other candidate comes close to Mitt on emphasizing the importance of children in this and future generations.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

McCain-Feingold-Thompson was bad for America

During his eight years in the Senate, the only peice of major legislation that Fred was involved with was bad for America, and it may cost him once Americans find out:
"I think Thompson already has peaked, especially because people are being reminded of his deep involvement in supporting McCain-Feingold," said James Bopp Jr., a Republican lawyer who specializes in campaign and election law.
The McCain-Feingold campaign finance bill, championed by Fred Thompson, is the only important piece of legislation where he played a major role. And that is not an accomplishment to be proud of as a conservative.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Firefighters Attack Giuliani - Rudy's Run is Over

Various firefighter groups have come out with a devistating video blaming Rudy and his administration for a series of egregious errors that led to unnessesary deaths of firefighters on 9/11. The video is heartwrenching and really brings you back to the somber October days of 2001. My heart really goes out to the families of firefighters and civilian victims of 9/11, and this video is a powerful reminder of the sacrifice that was made by these brave Americans.

At the same time, however, this video is absolutely brutal towards Rudy. It would be a waste of time for me to try to describe how devistating this video will be for Rudy's campaign - you'll have to see it for yourself...

Mark my words: Right or wrong, this video will bring Rudy down.

Washington Post calls Romney the front runner!

The Washington Post has finally come out with what Mitt Rocks! already knew, that Mitt is the front runner for the Republican nomination.

See story


Mitt Romney

1. Mitt Romney: The former Massachusetts governor takes over the top spot on The Line for the first time this cycle. Why? Because his strength in Iowa led both former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Arizona Sen. John McCain to back out of the state GOP's straw poll set for this summer; because he appears headed for another first- or second-place finish in the money chase; and because he continues to withstand attacks on his decision to change positions on key issues like gay rights without losing the momentum he is building. We know all the reasons why we shouldn't read too much into Romney's pole position in surveys in Iowa and New Hampshire -- he's the only major Republican candidate on the airwaves, the race isn't yet engaged etc. But he's still ahead in the two most important early states, and that matters. (Previous ranking: 3)

Rudy Giuliani

2. (tie) Rudy Giuliani: The former mayor of New York doesn't drop from the top spot because of his terrible, no good, horrible, and very badweek. Rather, he drops because at some point his lack of any serious organization in any of the first three voting states -- Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina -- puts him at a clear disadvantage in the nomination fight. While the early states may (and we emphasize may) have less influence in picking the nominee than they have in years past due to the looming presence of a number of huge states set to vote in late January or early February, it's hard to imagine a scenario where Giuliani finishes out of the top two in any of the first three states and remains viable on the Feb. 5 SUPER primary. Don't get us wrong: Giuliani's fundraising prowess and reputation as "America's Mayor" means he still has a very real shot at winning the GOP nomination. But he better get started building organizations in those early states -- and quick. (Previous ranking: 1)

Fred Thompson

2 (tie). Fred Thompson: It's hard to ignore the fact that the former Tennessee senator has catapulted close to the top of the Republican field before he has even announced his presidential candidacy. Thompson has the widespread disaffection among Republicans with the current field to thank for his rapid rise, but we don't hold that against him. After all, timing is everything in politics. Conservatives appear to be coalescing behind Thompson's non-campaign, and early indications are that his fundraising operation is going strong. So why not put him in the top spot on The Line? As usual, The Fix's former boss, Charlie Cook, said it best in what could well be a prescient column about Thompson's approach to the race. And did anyone else think Thompson's response to whether or not he would like to be president was something less than convincing? (Previous ranking: 4)

John McCain

4. John McCain: McCain's tumble from the top of The Line has been as precipitous as it has been unexpected. After promising that McCain would greatly exceed his fundraising total from the first quarter, his aides are now privately scaling back expectations for the second quarter (another third-place finish behind Romney and Giuliani is likely). And whether it's immigration or some other cocktail of issues, McCain's poll numbers in early states are taking a dive. The question for McCain is whether he can make it through the summer and fall -- from a perception standpoint -- given where he is likely to be in early polling and fundraising. Can McCain come back? Of course. There's lots of talk about John Kerry's Lazarus impersonation in the 2004 presidential race inside McCain world these days. But frankly, the race for McCain is now about survival, not dominance. It's a stunning turnaround. (Previous ranking: 2)


Hillary Rodham Clinton

1. Hillary Rodham Clinton: When all of the Democratic candidates stand on a debate stage together, it's Clinton who looks and sounds the most like a president. Don't underestimate the importance of debates in offering voters a chance to compare and contrast the field. While Clinton is broadening her lead in national polls, she remains in tight contests in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. Iowa is the first and most important challenge. The caucus electorate is strongly anti-war, and Clinton's positioning on Iraq is less pure than Barack Obama's. But her organization is rapidly improving thanks to the addition of Theresa Vilmain, and the Clinton team knows just how important a strong caucus showing is for her chances. (Previous ranking: 1)

Barack Obama

2. Barack Obama: We don't buy the current conventional wisdom that Obama's campaign has somehow stalled, a view that's based on the fact that he remains behind Clinton in national polls. From everything we hear, Obama will eclipse Clinton for the second straight quarter in fundraising -- an absolutely unthinkable development just six months ago. Obama continues to attract massive crowds wherever he goes, and his campaign is heavily focused on how best to turn those crowds into caucus supporters and primary votes. Obama's indifferent debate performances -- he was far better in the second debate than the first but still looked somewhere short of totally confident -- don't seem to have affected his numbers anywhere where it really matters. His biggest potential hurdle? Allowing slip-ups like the "D-Punjab" incident to knock him off the nonpartisan pedestal on which he claims to stand. (Previous ranking: 2)

John Edwards

3. John Edwards: June 30 will be a big day for the Edwards campaign. If his fundraising for the second quarter is far behind the high marks that Obama and Clinton are likely to set, it will be increasingly difficult for him to remain in the top tier. Edwards's saving grace has (and continues to be) his strength in Iowa. But the most recent independent poll in the state showed him in a statistical dead heat with Clinton and Obama. If Edwards doesn't win Iowa, he will struggle to remain viable, as his organization currently trails those of Clinton and Obama in New Hampshire. Taking a page from Sen. John Kerry's playbook in 2004, Edwards is seeking to inject the electability argument into the campaign. But after being burned by casting a head-over-heart vote in 2004, will Democratic voters go down that road again? (Previous ranking: 3)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

McCain's campain is almost dead...

"This is about as close to terminal as you can get without actually dying," said Alex Vogel, a GOP strategist and one-time aide to former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn. "In medical terms they would say his campaign is in grave condition. The last rights are being uttered."

see story

My response? I would have rather seen Giuliani go down. McCain is a good man, second only to our guy Mitt. But perhaps now the choice will be between a converted pro-lifer (Mitt) and a pro-choicer (Rudy). As for Fred? I have to question Fred's ability to raise money and organize a campaign this late in the game. But he is still the wild card in all of this...

-David Alvord

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Fred Thompson: "dumb as [heck]"

Article reveals that Nixon thought Thompson was "dumb as hell"...

So Thompson fans, do we really want a dumb lazy president?

C'mon guys, let's just rally around Mitt Romney and stop distracting ourselves with lesser candidates.

Check out the whole article By JOAN LOWY here.

My favorite excerpts:

President Nixon and his top aides viewed the fellow Republican as a willing, if not too bright, ally, according to White House tapes.

Those tapes show Thompson played a behind-the-scenes role that was very different from his public image three decades ago. He comes across as a partisan willing to cooperate with the Nixon White House's effort to discredit the committee's star witness.

It was Thompson who tipped off the White House that the Senate committee knew about the tapes.

Nixon was disappointed with the selection of Thompson, whom he called "dumb as hell." The president did not think Thompson was skilled enough to interrogate unfriendly witnesses and would be outsmarted by the committee's Democratic counsel.

"Oh s---, that kid," Nixon said when told by his chief of staff, H.R. Haldeman, of Thompson's appointment on Feb. 22, 1973.

Nixon expressed concern that Thompson was not "very smart."
"Not extremely so," Buzhardt agreed.
"But he's friendly," Nixon said.
"But he's friendly," Buzhardt agreed.

"I found Thompson most cooperative, feeling more Republican every day," Buzhardt said. "Uh, perfectly prepared to assist in really doing a cross-examination."

Later in the same conversation, Buzhardt said Thompson was "willing to go, you know, pretty much the distance now. And he said he realized his responsibility was going to have be as a Republican increasingly."

At a hearing on July 16, Thompson asked former White House aide Alexander Butterfield: "Mr. Butterfield, are you aware of the installation of any listening devices in the Oval Office of the president?"

The question made Thompson instantly famous. His political Web site prominently notes: "Friends in Tennessee still recall seeing the boy they'd grown up with on TV, sitting at the Senate hearing-room dais. He gained national attention for leading the line of inquiry that revealed the audio-taping system in the White House Oval Office."

What rarely is mentioned is that Thompson knew the answer to the question before he asked it. Investigators for the committee had gotten the information out of Butterfield during hours of behind-the-scenes questioning three days earlier, on July 13.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Clintons and Romneys meet....the first of many encounters

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, appeared Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton in the scrum that had quickly developed when Romney approached Bill Clinton.

"Nice to see you!" Sen. Clinton exclaimed to Romney.

See the article

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Romney still number one!


Romney $23.4 + $20.5=$43.9
Giuliani $16.6 + $17= $33.6
McCain $13 + $11.2 = $24.2

But the GOP can do better. Check out the Dems:

Clinton $36 + $27 = $63
Obama $25.8 + $32.5 = $58.3
Edwards $14+ $9 = $23

C'mon guys, its time to open up your wallets and purses and make an investment in our country. Romney is the only candidate who could beat any of the Democratic contenders in the general make the investment now and save thousands on taxes later. The way I see it, this investment is more safe than investing in the stock markets.