Saturday, January 26, 2008

McCain: Democrats' Favorite Republican

John McCain once considered becoming a Democrat. What's scarier? It was only 8 years ago when he considered becoming JOHN KERRY'S running mate! Gross!


HTS said...

The tragic thing is that most of McCain's supporters are voting him because he was a POW and he seems patriotic. They have no idea how liberal he is and how divisive he is to the republican party. I think the truth is gradually coming out, and McAmesty is going to be nose diving going into super Tuesday. In the last week Mitt has basically turned the polls around in Florida, and I there's no reason to think the trend will not continue. Rudy is going to continue to plummet, and I think most of his supporters are going to gravitate toward Mitt. The reason I think so is because Rudy's forte is leadership and turning things around. I think Mitt will be perceived as having those same qualities far more than McAmnesty.

Anonymous said...

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