Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Republicans have spoken

The best part of the Romney victory was that it came about due to the Republican vote! Shouldn't that be how things work anyway? Republicans might want to consider a revamp in the order of the first contests because they don't really reflect how mainstream Republicans will vote.

I hope that the naysayers were watching tonight. Because tonight we learned that America will pick the best nominee regardless of which church the candidate attends. If Romney can win in Massachusetts and then Michigan, he should have no problem with the rest of the country. After all, America is choosing a commander in chief not a pastor in chief (sorry Huckabee). Mitt got a huge chunk of the evangelical vote tonight...along with Catholics, Mormons and the unaffiliated.

The other candidates are out of gas. Romney is just getting warmed up...with lots of time, energy, and money to see this thing through. McCain had to borrow money to fund his campaign in NH. I wonder if there is anybody willing to lend him money for SC?

As long as Republicans are allowed to vote for their nominee, we can expect a Romney nomination this spring.


HT said...

I agree that Romney is on a roll and the others are running out of steam. Romney has the media against him and is still winning. Huckabee is finished. His campaign antics are laughable. McCain is a threat but will never last. He is a grumpy old man and is far too liberal to carry the republican banner. Fred Thompson is plenty conservative but is too lazy to be president. He was a deadbeat senator.

Anonymous said...

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