Monday, January 7, 2008

Mitt Romney: The Republican party's last, best hope

by David Alvord

The Republican party, as we know it, may not exist if Mitt Romney is not our nominee.

A McCain candidacy would change the Republican party's commitment to low taxes. Also, he would hurt the party's clear message against illegal immigration. If you thought that McCain/Feingold was bad, and McCain/Kennedy? Just wait to see what a President McCain would be willing to sign into law in the name of compromise!

If Mike Huckabee were our nominee, he would alienate fiscal conservatives, Catholics, Mormons, Jews, and any other group who may not fit inside his narrow definition of Christianity. By wearing his religion on his sleeve, Mike would create a new movement in politics, one that cannot sustain itself because they just don't have the numbers or the unity needed for the long haul.

Rudy Giuliani would alienate social conservatives. Fetuses across the fruited plain are praying that he is not the nominee of the only party that fights to save their lives! Also, his personal life would be the fatal blow to any moral authority that the Republican party once held. His scandal-ridden past is not a good way to start a presidency, nor would it be good for the party.

Fred Thompson, while quick on jokes, is slow on policy. He cannot effectively communicate the conservative message. It is ironic for an actor to be having this problem! He is also not an effective candidate nor is he exciting. Obama would wipe the floor with him.

So we are left with Mitt Romney. He would alienate no group of the party. Romney would continue the coalition that Reagan built and would keep us unified. But not only would Romney keep us together, he could also bring in new converts. As a once pro-choice politician, he would be in a good position to move the hearts and minds of other good people to sensibly consider a change that would protect the unborn.

Governor Romney's vision for America will open up the floodgates of American potential, taking us to greater heights than previously known. Not only will Romney's presidency restore the pride of the Republican party, he will bring competence back to the White House.

How long has it been since America has put a CEO in the White House? With spending out of control, the deflating dollar, and the debt quickly piling up, is it not time for a business leader to get our books in order?

Could Romney run effectively against Obama or Clinton? He has been running against two liberal Republicans and a populist who have been ganging up on him. Yet, he is still a front-runner! Imagine when Romney has only one candidate to run against: a liberal Democrat.

Tomorrow, a New Hampshire win would certainly lock-up the nomination for Romney. A loss could provide a set-back to his candidacy...but would certainly not knock him out of the race.


Cold Leftovers said...

Amen. There is a lot of talk lately about bringing the country together and Mitt Romney is the person to do that. Not only can he bring our party together, he can bring Our Country together.

Anonymous said...

Mitt Romney is a blindly ambitious politician who has zero loyalty and would crawl over his dying mother to fuck his sister if he thought it would get him the presidency.

Anonymous said...

"About Me
The Mitt Rockers are Brent Moritz, David Alvord, David McEntire, Matt Connelly, and Branden Neish. The Daves and Matt live in Utah."

Well, yea, you would.

Do you all have multiple wives as well, or just 10 kids to perpetuate the Morman faith?

Do you also store a years worth of provisions in the basement for the Rapture moment when only the Morman's will survive the earth?

If Mitt is nominated, all this and more about the Morman Cult will be revealed, and Hillary will win.

Anonymous said...

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