Friday, January 11, 2008

Mike Huckabee wants underage children on our highways

by David Alvord

I loved Fred Thompson's performance last night. While Mitt was again, the smartest person at the debate, Fred was Mitt's attack dog on Huckabee and to a lesser extent McCain. And I think that Fred landed some good punches about the former Arkansas gov. tax and spend record.

Huckabee's response: "What I did raise in Arkansas was hope." Huck then went on to say how he was helping children for this and that. If you have any doubts that Huck is not a conservative, just listen to what he says! "FOR THE CHILDREN" is the excuse a liberal uses to raise taxes and to spend. The democrats just used that line for the S-CHIP health deal that fell through (thanks to a Bush veto).
As a parent, I have a question for you tax and spend liberals: Why don't you keep your mitts off our money so that I can afford health insurance for my kids and give them a good Christmas this year? If you love the children so much, then let parents decide what to do with their money that you would spend on "universal Pre-K". Maybe me and my wife would like to teach our kids their ABCs ourselves and then take a family trip with the money we saved. Maybe if we weren't taxed so heavily, more Moms could stay home (which is what kid's really want anyway).

The low point for Huck was when he made the claim that his spending on the highways of Arkansas was "for the children". I had to pause our TiVo and rub my eyes in disbelief! I asked my wife: Does Mike Huckabee think that children are driving on the highways? Mike Huckabee must be for lowering the 16 year old age minimum for drivers licenses!

It's time for conservative Christians of all faiths to put their brains back on and start to see this guy for what he is. If he didn't have an R before his name, you'd swear that Mike was a democrat! He even uses lines out of their playbook. Just like his press conference where he said that he "wasn't going to go negative"...but here is the add that would have used. That was pure Clinton 101! It's time that conservatives show Mike Huckabee the door. And if you won't do it for me, would you please do it for the children?

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Anonymous said...

Thank you,Thank you, Thank you. I feel the exact same way about Huck. We just moved out of AR after living there for 3 1/2 years. We knew we didn't want to stay so when the opportunity finally came, we took it. We got to experience Huckabee and all his liberal agenda. The first few weeks there they raised sales tax. Then a while after that they found more areas to tax. i.e. pet grooming, storage, dry cleaning. Whatever they could get their hands on they did. Not to mention what a joke the schools were. My now 4th grader is struggling with having homework since she didn't for 3 years prior. It has been quite an adjustment. My first grader also got to watch cartoons in class, quite often. About a movie a week. What sort of improvement is that? The only thing that I saw Huckabee do was make sure that the classes were having fewer class parties so the kids wouldn't have so much junk food. I think he should have spent more time making sure my kids were being EDUCATED. The longer we were there, the more I realized what a joke this so-called "conservative" governor was. I have been trying to let everyone I know understand who Mike Huckabee really is. I will support Mitt Romney all the way. The man is a genious and I know has the knowledge to turn this Country around. Keep up the good work. Love the blog, by the way.