Thursday, January 3, 2008

Caucus for Romney or else it's Rudy!

by David Alvord

Rudy Giuliani is polling at about fifth or sixth in Iowa. Clearly, Iowans do not like the idea of a pro-choice New Yorker representing the Republicans this fall. With that said, why are they flirting with these other candidates? Huckabee keeps complaining that Romney has spent a lot of money in Iowa...and I've made the case that most of that money has come from Romney's supporters, not Mitt himself. Still, Huck insists that the fight is unfair because he has less money than Romney. McCain has the same complaint.

Neither McCain nor Huck have any money. Why is that? Their supporters lack passion and the candidates lack the work ethic nessasary to raise the money. But for how long will Huckabee and McCain complain about the mismatch in funds?

That complaint is getting old and will only get older if Mitt is somehow defeated in these first two contests. Rudy is sitting on a pile of money that he is ready to unleash as soon as the first states hold their contests, and unless Romney is the victor, Rudy will walk all over McCain and the Huckster.

So Iowans, unless you want Rudy, you had better vote for Romney tonight! (Actually, a gold and a silver...or even two silvers...would still keep Mitt's candidacy viable)

BTW: Mitt Rocks! predicts a win for Romney tonight. See you tomorrow for the results!


Anonymous said...

I have to agree. I get tired of the "poor me no money" whine. Does anyone realize how difficult it is to get people to stick a crowbar into their wallets and fork over their hard earned money to a canadite? Mitt Romney has worked hard to make his message ring with the voters and they have been willing to fork it over, thus allowing hime to spend. It would be one thing if he donated all of his money himself, but he has not. Contributing to his own campagin only shows his commimmentment to making a change in washington and for the good ol USA! Go Mitt!

Cold Leftovers said...

I'm getting an ulcer... the anticipation is killing me!
Great post - very valid points. Here's to a Mitt victory in Iowa, and beyond.