Sunday, January 13, 2008

What do all five early contests have in common?

The political pundits don't know anything! Just last week they had Hillary out of the race! First, there was the so called Huckaboom. It ended up more like: "Huck-a-let's all go out and vote for the evangelical cause we're Iowans and we love to waste our vote in every election."

Here's a question: What does it mean to have four third-place finishes in a row? Yes, Huckabee may be facing that reality because Mike was third in New Hampshire and was fifth in Wyoming. New polls show him at third in Michigan and then third or fourth in Nevada! Why isn't Michigan or Nevada a "must win" for Huck? Answer: because the pundits don't know anything!

We here at Mitt Rocks! would love to see a solid win for Mitt this Tuesday, but we don't think that even Michigan is a must win for Romney. If you hear otherwise, don't listen. The authors of this website are smarter than the pundits.

All five of the early contests have featured Mitt battling it out for the win. The last major contest, New Hampshire, Mitt won among conservative voters. The independents got in there for McCain...and barely beat Mitt at 37 to 32%. That was hardly a landslide.

But five states in a row...and the common feature in all of them is Mitt Romney. If not for the spoilers in the election, the republicans would already have their nominee. First it was the unpredictable HUGE showing of evangelicals for Huckabee. Second, there were independents for McCain. Now we have Michigan where Romney is, again, leading in most polls and should win...unless some dems or indies come in and spoil it again for McCain. ALL THAT WE ASK IS THAT REPUBLICANS GET A CHANCE TO PICK THEIR OWN NOMINEE!!!

So when should Romney drop out? As soon as conservative Republicans start voting for someone other than Mitt. Otherwise, Mitt is basically saying to the independents and the democrats in sheep's clothing: "go ahead and pick our nominee".

Mitt, keep fighting till super duper Tuesday and beyond. Keep up the fight until MAINSTREAM REPUBLICANS have spoken... because so far, you are their top pick. Keep Thompson pounding on Huckabee and McCain. Is he hinting that he wants to be your Veep?

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