Saturday, December 1, 2007

A Mitt Rocks prediction: Dobson to endorse Huck

by David Alvord

Focus on the Family's James Dobson has withheld a formal endorsement of any of the major candidates. He has threatened to help a third-party candidate run if Rudy ends up with the nomination. The only candidate who has a chance of beating Rudy is Mitt. So why not endorse Romney? Answer: anti-Mormon bigotry. Yes, I believe that this so-called Christian has been waiting for another not-so-Mormon candidate to emerge. Now he has that candidate: Mike Huckabee. WATCH FOR A DOBSON ENDORSEMENT THIS MONTH!

Instead, Dobson ought to take our advice and Focus on the Family.

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Scotticus said...

Dobson just held a Focus on the Family convention in where of all places? Salt Lake City, UT. You'd think he'd stand up for what he believes and not accept money and support from alleged "non-believers" if that were the case. I really hope your prediction proves wrong.