Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Huck wanted the Title, but it was Romney who was the Moses of the final debate

by David Alvord

I love it when debates come on my lunch break. The focus group following the debate almost unanimously declared that Romney won the debate and looked "presidential".

One of my favorite parts was when Huckabee was asked about gov. spending. He said: "I may not be able to part the Red Sea, but I can cut red tape." After that corny line, Huckabee went on to speak in cliches and was non-specific about spending.

Romney, when asked, said like Moses to Pharaoh: "Let the programs go!".

"The sacrifice we need from the American people is saying, 'Let the programs go that don't work. Don't lobby for them forever"

Romney then went on to list several of the specific programs that would get the axe. I mean let's face it folks, the guy is ready to be president. He has done his homework.

Now kids, let's all sing along...

When Romney was in Egypt's land: Let those programs go!