Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Horse Race

Romney is back up in Iowa. But one poll shows McCain up in NH. This thing is a horse race...meaning that the polls go up and down every week. It seems that people haven't made up their minds on a candidate. It may come down to whoever has the best organizations and who can change gears as the elections roll through. The good news for Mitt fans is that Romney has several horses in this race. McCain only has one horse: New Hampshire. If that horse doesn't win, he may be in trouble. Huckabee has an Iowa horse. Thompson's horse...has yet to show up. Giuliani has a few horses as well, but may not get a win the first few races. Romney has horses in each of the early Races. He doesn't have to win them all...and the chance that he will win more than one is greater than any of the other candidates.

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