Monday, December 10, 2007

Evidence That "The Speech" Helped Romney?

Real Clear Politics has just listed two national polls in a row that show Romney at 16%. Both of these polls are post-speech. What is the significance? Romney has rarely been higher than 13% Now we have two in a row at 16%.

Also, it is worth mentioning that Romney is now leading Fred Thompson and McCain in the last three polls.

Huckabee's surge does not seem to be hurting Romney's standing in national polls. Yet, all of the other candidates are dropping.

So the real question is: Is Huck's surge for real? Only time will tell, but as Fred Barnes of the Weekly Standard has pointed out: As soon as the election comes back to the important issues like the war, immigration, and the economy, Huckabee will be left wanting.

CBS poll 12/9

Giuliani 22
Huck 21
Romney 16
McCain 7
Thompson 7

CNN 12/9

Giuliani 24
Huck 22
Romney 16

source RealClearPolitics

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