Monday, October 15, 2007

Dobson ought to focus on the family

Pictured above are Mitt and Ann Romney at a recent campaign event in New Hampshire. The Romneys are one of the few candidate-couples who have actually lived a life of family values.

It would be natural for James Dobson, the highly influential leader from the Christian group "focus on the family", to endorse these pro-life, pro-family candidates, right?

Instead, Dobson has proposed that a third party be formed if Giuliani gets the nomination, and has made no mention of a Romney endorsement. Why? Because Romney is a Mormon?

Dobson ought to focus on the family and set aside his religious bigotry.

There is a chance, and I think that it is probable, that Dobson may lose his credibility by suggesting a third party instead of rallying around the Pro-life candidate who actually has a chance of beating Hillary...

So these are my suggestions for Dr. Dobson:

1)Focus on the fact that Romney will appoint conservative supreme court justices.

2)Focus on the fact that your third party candidate will only torpedo the Republican nominee.

3)Focus on the power of example that the Romneys would put on display for the American people, and the world for that matter.

4)Focus on the things you have in common with Romney. You both pray, you both read from the Old and New Testament and worship the same Savior.

5)Focus on the fact that any doctrinal differences you may have with Romney will be sorted out in the next world, but that good things can happen when people who share common values are united.

6)Focus on the family by endorsing Mitt Romney.

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