Wednesday, December 26, 2007

President of the United States: a job description

by David Alvord

A few weeks ago, I had a post up describing the talents of the each of the leading candidates, and which occupation would be most fitting for the particular candidates. I made the argument that Mitt Romney's background has prepared him for the office of president while the others would be more fit for other jobs. (see post)

With this in mind, I think that we should review what the office of President demands and what we as Americans could possibly expect from the POTUS; remembering that this election is different from American Idol or Dancing with the Stars.

So here is the Mitt Rocks! job description for the President of the United States:

1. The President will uphold and defend the Constitution.

2. The President is the Commander in Chief.

3. The President is the Chief Executive.

4. The President can veto a bill sent from congress.

5. The President appoints Judges.

6.. The President appoints cabinet members for the various federal organizations, and holds regular cabinet meetings.

7. The President can respond to a national crisis.

8. The President can issue criminal pardons.

9. The President negotiates with other heads of state on matters of national defense, trade, and environmental issues.

10. The President, along with the first family, set an example of moral living.

11. The President gives speeches to provide encouragement and counsel.

12. The President can use the bully pulpit to persuade congress and the American people towards praiseworthy goals.

By reviewing this list, one can see that the job of President requires a high degree of competence. Out of the choices we have, who can best fulfill the responsibility of that high office? Which of the candidates can we trust to hold the reigns on the largest organization on the planet? Well, we know the answer to those questions. I hope that we can elect the person based on the job description rather than on familiarity or emotion.