Friday, December 21, 2007

Tom vs. Bob

by David Alvord

Here are two scenarios for you to judge between.

Scenario #1: Bob visits a homeless shelter for 1.5 hours on a Sunday. Ten years later, when recalling that visit, Bob says that he served at a homeless shelter "for a couple of hours on a Saturday a few years ago".

Scenario #2: Tom steals a car. When asked by the authorities, Tom denies the theft and then describes an elaborate alibi that is later found to be false.

So who is the one who has a lack of character? Bob or Tom?

Bob is generally an honest man, but in scenario #1, Bob got the details wrong. Perhaps he has made a mistake in his memory. Would it be fair to say that Bob is a LIAR and has a flawed character? Of course not. The overall picture we get from Bob is one of a decent man who showed some human weakness, but still deserves honor and praise.

In scenario #2, Tom was up to no good, and then he lies in an attempt to get out of any punishment. Tom's lie was used to cover a larger sin. The stealing of the car is more of an offense than the lie used to cover it up.

So who are Bob and Tom? Mitt Romney and Bill Clinton. But the MSM would rather demonize Mitt.

Mitt Romney's father had been a civil rights activist. He had marched in favor of the cause espoused by Dr. King. Mitt's Dad may or may not have actually marched with Dr. King, but the details are not now known. Mitt was on a mission for his church at them time, but undoubtedly had heard reports of his father's activism and his marching.
So on meet the press, Mitt says, "I watched my father march with MLK". He could have said in other words: "I had known of my father's activism for civil rights...etc."
But now it may seem that George may not have literally marched with MLK. So technically, Mitt may have gotten the details wrong. But at the heart of this story is a family who have served their communities, and have stood up for civil rights. Instead of being impressed with the Romneys, the MSM is trying to lay a snare for Mitt! It's like they don't have anything on the guy, so they are trying to lay a snare for him.

Bill Clinton, on the other hand, had an extramarital affair with an intern. Then to cover his lie said: "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinski..." He then added several other lies to the list and had others lie for him. The MSM tried to make Ken Starr the bad guy!

So I thought I would make these two comparisons to put this all into perspective.


Mitt's story is vindicated by several eyewitnesses! They saw, with their own eyes, George Romney and Martin Luther King marching together in Grosse Pointe, Michigan!

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Anonymous said...

Dude, his father DID march with the king. Haven't you read all the personal testimony of witnesses and newsclips? About Mitt "watching" it, maybe from home videos or news clips but obviously not in person.