Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Will America pass the test?

On the eve of the big speech, our thoughts are with Governor Romney. Even though the speech has already been written, there have been thousands of writers giving advice as to the contents of that speech. There are many who worry that Romney will fail. There are more who worry that he will succeed. It is as if a candidate, along with all twelve million members of the LDS faith will be on trial, with a single advocate: Mitt Romney.

But it is not Romney who is on trial, but America.

Is she willing to elect the best candidate? Even if that candidate belongs to a religion that is currently in the minority? Or, would she rather choose the candidate who shares a popular religion, but who is wrong on so many issues and is less qualified?
Romney will deliver a fine speech tomorrow. But it will be America who will be asked to pass the test this Winter.

David Alvord