Saturday, December 8, 2007

A Romney Presidency Portends a Bright Future for America

As I watched a very presidential Mitt Romney deliver his magnificent Faith in America speech, I glimpsed the future. And what I saw gave me hope. I saw Mitt Romney, a gifted communicator, reuniting the divided Republican party. I saw Mitt Romney, a financial wizard, restoring fiscal order to Washington. I saw Mitt Romney, the patriot, protecing America from dangerous threats. I saw Mitt Romney, the believer, fostering mutual respect among the religious and non-religious. I saw Mitt Romney, the tireless worker, giving every last ounce of his energy to his presidential duties. I saw Mitt Romney, the ultimate manager, assembling the most brilliant and effective administration in the history of this country. I saw Mitt Romney, the family man, held up as a shining example of what a husband and father should be. Finally, I saw Mitt Romney, the results getter, fulfilling his word on every single campaign promise. And the future was bright! Finally!

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