Saturday, December 29, 2007

According to Huck: Mitt is being dishonest

But would you care to be more specific? Please refute the ad Romney has put up to contrast your record with his. Please, Mr. Huckabee, if Mitt is being dishonest, please tell us how. Did you only pardon 1032...not the 1033 that Mitt claims? Did your budget only grow from 6 billion to 15 billion (instead of the 16 billion that Romney points out)? Please, tell us where he is wrong! Point out where Mitt has been dishonest.

If Huck cannot refute the facts that Romney has presented, then all Huck is doing is name-calling and slandering Mitt. I believe that candidates have an obligation to debate the issues and to point out differences. Just because Huckabee doesn't like what is brought to light is no reason to call Mitt dishonest!

see the complete story...that has no real substance or evidence that Romney has been dishonest.

Unless Mike Huckabee can produce some evidence that Mitt has had a dishonest campaign, then I do not believe that he belongs in a presidential race...and surely he must not be our nominee! Bring back Tancredo or Tommy Thompson...if Mitt is going to lose in Iowa, it had better not be to Huckabee!

UPDATE 12/30/07: This morning's interview on Meet the Press gave Huckabee an opportunity to refute the central claims made by the Romney campaign. The former governor did not specifically refute the central claims but instead went into specifics of other less known claims allegedly made by the Romney campaign. The problem? Not only did Mike try to lay a smokescreen, but he also got the facts wrong, again! See Romney fact check.

I am paraphasing, but my favorite part of the interview was where Russert says: Where has Romney been dishonest? Huck: How long do you have? ... Russert: but you did actually increase the spending in Arkansas, I have it right here... Huck: But I spent the money on roads and education...things that will improve the lives of the citizens of my State.

I wish the follow-up question to Mike was: "So was Romney's assertion that you had increased the budget for evil things...and since you increased spending for noble things we can now call Romney dishonest?"

Russert did not point this out...but still left not refuted is the fact that Huckabee's State budget went from 6 to 16 billion during his service. See reference

Is it possible that Mike Huckabee did not realize what kind of governor he was? Is that why Huckabee insists that Romney is being dishonest?

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