Friday, November 30, 2007

A Vote for Huckabee is a Vote for Hillary

Casting a vote for Huckabee is the best way to ensure that Hillary becomes our next president. It's time for Huckabee supporters to get over the novelty and look at the facts. Mitt Romney and Rudy Guiliani are the only two candidates with enough money, experience, and ground organization to beat Hillary. Political insiders know this, and so does Hillary. Why do you think Hillary is so tickled with Huckabee's latest rise in the polls?Huckabee takes votes away from the only two candidates who have a chance of keeping the Democrats out of the White House. A vote for Huckabee is a vote for Hillary.


Pedaling said...

i agree - let's get the word out there.

great blog, by the way, love it.

Fistic Mystic said...

Seriously, that's one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. Huckabee is popular in his own state, he's popular with African Americans, he's popular with Evangelicals, and if he wins the nomination he should be able to expect the support of the party at large.

Your post here is the voice of desperation, revealing that you recognize your guy can't win on merit, so you try to scare people.

For the real scoop on Romney, see my blog at

Utah for Mitt Web Maker said...

I believe it is true that Huckabee presents a threat to Mitt Romney in Iowa, but not many states. However the threat is that if he slows down Mitt Romney it could maybe stop the only conservative that has a chance. Not for sure though. If Romney wins New Hampshire and places a good 2nd in Iowa, he is still on to a good chance at other early and bigger states. Anyone who can win the G.O.P. can expect support from the G.O.P., but money and political machinary like Mitt's will be important against Hillary or Obama to win the important independant vote and Democrats that don't necessarily dig their candidate.

Anonymous said...

Most folks are missing the monumental plain-as-day piece of the Huckabee puzzle. Ask yourself, why is the Huckster doing well? Or better, how does anyone know who he is?

Huckabee was introduced to the public in a huge free promotion by the mainstream media staying alive in a complete hold-your-fire by the Democrats. No one would even know who he was if it wasn't for the free, non-stop MSM glowing coverage. Ask yourself, "Why do they give him a free-ride?" Look around and ask, "Why is the Democratic Wolfpack smiling and maintaining radio-silence?" Why have the democrats for several weeks issued countless negative press releases regarding the republican candidates that could actually win a general election, and remained silent on Mr. Huckabee? Such obvious questions are these that even democratic sympathetic political pundits find it impossible not to blurt them out.

Of course, it is understood that as soon as he wins the nomination the MSM/Democrat Wolfpack can go into action and Huckabee can be quickly and easily extinguished. In front of "progressive" America they can annihilate him in several evening newscasts. When confronted by the combined efforts of the Wolfpack, he'll sink like a confused, bible thumping dullard that can't say more than, "Shazam!". With the Clintons' connections in Arkansas, enough documentation demonstrating confused actions by the Huck will mysteriously appear in rapid succession on the evening news that he won't be able to say more than, "Goah-ah-Oh-ah-Lee?!".

Setting up the stooge, can one possibly fathom that with all the blunders Huckabee has made, with a checkered past of highly controversial if not bizarre comments, with an almost complete inability to actually undertake the role of president, no negative news about him ever appears? Mind boggling. Imagine how the privileged, elitist, "Oh-so-disdainful-of-anything-that-reeks-of-Heartland-America" MSM/Dem apocalypse machine laughs inside over the likes Mr. Huckabee and what they know they can do with him.

After the MSM/Dem wolfs turn, aim and fire, "Gomer The Huck", with tossed hair and torn pages in his bible, will pray he was back doing pushups for Sgt. Carter and the race for the Whitehouse will be over. From a wildly slanted mainstream media that daily features leading headlines like the idiotic, "Clinton says wife a 'world-class genius'" (AP - Fri Dec 21, 1:16 AM ET), do you imagine gems like "It'll Be a Wonderful Little Ole World With Gomer as President" will continue? Laughing out-loud yet? It isn't a matter of whether you like Huckabee or not, it's that when the MSM is finished, there won't be anything but an oil slick.

Wake up, folks - Huckabee has been set up as the MSM/Dems' spoiler-stooge, and if you're falling for it you're in for a big surprise. The mainstream media, elitist organizations acknowledging from high-90s to 100% Democratic staffs will rein carnage endlessly sucker-punching Huck when the faux fawning is over. If Huckabee gets the nomination, crates of champagne will be quietly delivered to the ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Time-Warner, and Democratic headquarters as the eyes of their staffs well with tears of joy and trigger fingers are readied. Voting for Huckabee? Save time and trouble for yourself and the meltdown for Huck - vote directly for Hillary instead.

Anonymous said...

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