Thursday, December 6, 2007

Faith Speech Shows Romney's Sincerity

Mitt! Wow! Your speech was excellent! It exceeded my expectations. What I appreciated most was your sincerity and genuine love for freedom, the American people, and your religion. I'm glad America was finally able to see that you are a sincere individual and not a robot. The criticisms of you in that regard are unfair. You were finally able to give a speech without having to worry about the whirl of bullets that surround you in a formal debate setting. This more natural environment allowed you to be you be more relaxed. You were more yourself. I think this is what people needed to see: Mitt Romney--the man. I was very impressed with your human side. Your sincerity was evident, and the emotion in your voice as you spoke about human unity was touching. I'm also glad that you reached out to people of other faiths. As you said in your speech, if you become our President, you will need the prayers of all people. Bravo, Mitt, for a job well done! Thank you for your sincerity. You've earned my vote--again.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah outstanding. The part I liked was where he said something like "if adherence to my religion costs me the presidency, so be it I don't give a flying one because I am who I am" I mean, right on he is running for president as a public service not as some raw power grab like we see in other candidates. Loved it. Can't see him not being president it was so effective.