Sunday, December 30, 2007


In yet another blow to Mike Huckabee, the Chair of the Iowa Christian Alliance, Morris Hurd, went on record yesterday saying he will vote for Mitt Romney. This good news for the Romney campaign comes as two new polls show Mitt has regained the lead in Iowa. To see a New York Times article reporting Mr. Hurd's rationale for supporting Mitt, click here.


Anonymous said...

Mitt rocks, but poetry rolls...

Here’s a poem I wrote for you guys. I call it…

“Ode to Mitt”

The unfortunate state of Mitt nation
Is that, based on his prevarication;
Between words that he speaks
And the trust that he seeks
There appears an inverse correlation

It’s a self-caused integrity gap
For when Mitt merely opens his trap
The truth doesn’t jibe
With what one might describe
As a “Mittful” of eloquent crap

It’s deceit with superb elocution
By a handsome moral Lilliputian
For Mitt’s pimping the truth
You need no vice squad sleuth
To cite him for verbal prostitution

His dissembling seems un-presidential
I can’t fathom the near-reverential
Support or fixation
With a man whose relation
With the truth’s best described as tangential

Of course Bush raised the lie to an art
Mitt’s supporters are just playing their part
In the vast self deception
(Call it GOPerception)
Mitt and George have their interests at heart

It’s a little rough still, I’ll try to tune it up and possibly re-post the final version later. Let me know what you think.

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Time to get our your thesaurus and find the word for "get a life"

Anonymous said...

Phil, dumb poem. I'd recommend you keep your day job.