Thursday, December 13, 2007

Again from Rush...

Rush has the most listened to show in America... so I think that his comments are important here.
This issue that was discussed was Huckabee's comment that Mormon's believe that Jesus and the Devil were brothers.

"Now, let's talk about Huckabee for a second here and this Lucifer and Jesus comment. Aren't Jesus and the Devil brothers in Mormons' belief? What I think Huckabee is -- you know, Iowa is one thing, but he's gotta take that beyond Iowa. And right now he's at 9% in New Hampshire. He's got a ten-point lead in Iowa and he wants to build on that. The audience he's shooting for is the evangelical crowd in Iowa, latest numbers I saw, 48, 49% of the evangelical crowd is for Romney. I saw another poll, I think yesterday, that said 17% of evangelicals said they would never vote for a Mormon. So I think what Huckabee is trying to do is really build that lead, not just win Iowa, but have a smoking win to give him some momentum to go elsewhere, because the evangelical crowd in New Hampshire is not as big a crowd, even if he got them all, he wouldn't move up. Romney is way ahead there. So I think he's just trying to capitalize on the strength that he's deriving in Iowa from the evangelicals. "

And here is the important part:

"It is an unfortunate comment, and Romney came back and said, yeah, these religious comments are over the top. It was what his speech was about last week, which I thought, as I said many times, I thought it was a fantastic, inspirational, and uplifting speech, and it wasn't so much about religion as it was about religion's ties to the founding of this country, and very, very important. I think Huckabee is showing us who he is, and he thinks this is what it takes to win, and he's a Baptist minister, and his religion is very serious to him, too. He's using it for all it's worth for him, and I think I understand why."

Then Rush continues with suprise that Huckabee got the endorsement of the minuteman guy:

"Huckabee, he got the endorsement of the minuteman guy. Do you realize what Huckabee's immigration positions have been in the past? That endorsement stunned everybody. I couldn't figure it out. I thought I was performing a service by staying out of this because I don't take sides against or for candidates during primaries. But believe me, this thing you said about Romney and Jesus and Lucifer, this is not the first time that statements have been made from the Huckabee campaign that you go, "What?" "