Thursday, February 1, 2007

Romney needs a Newt...


Is there anyone out there?

Anyone with the Gov's ear?

Romney ought to be taking Newt to breakfast, lunch, and dinner! An endorsement from Gingrich would be a huge boost to Romney. Sharing the ticket with him might be PURE GOLD.

If you know Mitt...would you pass this advice along?


plasmaloaf said...

Newt is great. Very articulate, smart, right on the issues, but he has a LOT of baggage. He could end up being a liability if he was on the ticket. And honestly, I don't know if he would even agree to be VP. I wish he would just decide if he's going to run...

Anonymous said...

The only person more polarizing than Hillary Clinton in the mix may be Newt Gingrich. The man has high negative ratings and nobody is really undecided about him. I am looking for a ticket balancer with wide popularity. Frankly, I am hoping Giuliani would consider the job. I actually think he would like it, since I think he wants to be at the forefront, but I get the impression he doesn't really want all of the headaches.

Anonymous said...

The ticket that would be irresistable to the celebrity seduced American people during a time of war? ROMNEY/SCHWARZENEGGAR. What a show of moral (Romney) and physical (Schwarzie) strength. Arnold brings in the west coast, star power, and the Kennedy family charisma. Romney actually has the skills to run the country. Besides, Arnold might benefit from a little religion. What do you think? Comments? Complaints? Doubts?

Anonymous said...

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