Sunday, February 18, 2007

Mitt: We are all Children of our Father in Heaven!

Please excuse the religious tone of this next post but I just have to give a standing-O to the Governor for not being ashamed of one of the core beliefs of Mormonism and many other faiths - that we are all children of a Father in Heaven.

Mitt Romney: Well, I think religion is a separate sphere in terms of a particular brand of faith, but I think the principles of all faiths have, as their foundation, the idea that there is a supreme being, that this supreme being is a heavenly father, and that all the people in our country and in all countries are sons and daughters of the same supreme being.

I think we are, if you will, one family of humanity. That informs very dramatically my sense of what our relationship should be in the world, our need to care for the very poor and the diseased and the brutalized, our need in this country to provide opportunities for all of our citizens.

That fundamental belief that we are all brothers and sisters has an enormous impact, I think, on a lot of what we do. (link to article)

What Mitt is saying is that it is his fundamental belief that we are all brothers and sisters.

In the midst of political backstabbing, wars, rumors of wars, this kind of doctrine is like a glass of cool water. I have all the more respect for Gov. Romney for speaking to his beliefs...and doing so in a way that unites people of all faiths. If there is a God in Heaven, He must be pleased by Romney's declaration that we are all His children.

There are those who would want to divide people of faith because of their fixation on the differences of theology. I would like to recommend the following video.

As the days pass, I think that we will get a clearer view of the character of all the candidates for president. I am sure that as we get to know Mitt we will like what we see and hear.

-David Alvord

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