Friday, February 16, 2007

More ridiculousness regarding the National Jewish Democratic Council's Ford "Controversy"

More ridiculousness regarding the National Jewish Democratic Council's Ford "Controversy"...

I was reading a magazine (Good) and ran across a graphic that illustrated the various donations made by the largest charities. One of these, the Ford Foundation made its largest donation to date, some 20 million dollars, to the New Israel Fund.

Wow! I was shocked. How could the supposedly anti-Semitic Ford family be giving to a fund that is making a major contribution to the Jewish community? Apparently, the Ford Foundation has a long history of supporting Israel.

The grant builds on the Ford Foundation’s long-term commitment to funding in Israel. With total spending of more than $50 million since 1948, Ford has supported the advancement of science and technical research, civil and human rights, social justice, Arab-Israeli relations, and regional conflict resolution efforts.

But wait, before we go forward, we better check if we are talking about the same Ford. It's not a completely uncommon name after all. So, a visit to the Ford Foundation website revealed this...

After the deaths of Edsel Ford in 1943 and Henry Ford in 1947, it became clear that the non-voting stock of the Ford Motor Company they bequeathed to the Ford Foundation would create the largest philanthropy in the world. In response, the foundation’s board of trustees, led by the chairman, Henry Ford II, commissioned studies to chart the institution’s future.

So it IS the Ford family who has supported Israel so significantly.

I must admit that I am completely shocked and baffled by this whole story. I've heard of some pretty lame PR stunts before, but none rise to the idiocy of this one. Here is what I would expect to happen now(but don't count on it):

1. The NJDC should issue an apology to Mitt's campaign and, more importantly, The Henry Ford and the Ford Foundation.
2. Mitt's campaign should do a press release on this information.
3. The idiot that suggested Mitt should have held his speech in Edison's Laboratory (which is situated within the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village complex), should eat her words.
4. The Ford Foundation and The Henry Ford should ask to the NJDC to apologize for the press release.
5. The main stream media should pick this story up (fat chance).

I just wish people and organizations would be more responsible and thoughtful about what they say.

Finally, I have to post what Winged Hussar 1683 said regarding the post from a couple days ago...

As shown by its participation in the attempted whitewash of the hate speech at's disgraced Action Forum, the National Jewish Democratic Council's opposition to anti-Semitism ends where the left wing of the Democratic Party begins.

NJDC implies Romney is anti-Semitic for giving a speech at the museum of a dead EX-anti-Semite (i.e. one who repudiated and retracted his anti-Semitic publications) while giving Barack Obama a pass for appearing at, whose Action Forum was populated by living and rabid anti-Semites who posted an actual blood libel of Jews while calling for the removal of all "Israel-obsessed Jews" from Congress. The MoveOn bigots also posted anti-Catholic, anti-Evangelical, and even racist hate speech with the full knowledge of's moderators.

Again, NJDC did its best to whitewash its allies at over this issue. It has nothing to say about Henry Ford or Mitt Romney that any decent American ought to trust or respect.
Oh yes--it was Henry Ford's industrial methods that delivered the endless stream of weapons that led to Hitler's 9-millimeter-and-cyanide honeymoon with Eva Braun in 1945.


Petros said...

If this is the best they can dig up on Romney...we should consider ourselves blessed! What a non-story that was! And for the mainstream media to take that story and run...just speaks more to the need for the "new media" to get things right!

Winged Hussar 1683 said...

Did I mention that NJDC itself was so eager to attack Jewish-Evangelical relations that it posted material every bit as bad as the contents of "The International Jew?"

Republicans’ Elephant in the Room at the NJDC blog site quotes columnist and Columbia University professor Samuel Freedman as follows.

"More than identifying the schism on any specific topic, the research describes a visceral distrust, bordering on antipathy, for Evangelical Christians on the part of American Jews."

The material quoted by the National “Jewish” Democratic Council is, in fact, similar to Nazi propaganda whose purpose was to incite hatred of Jews. (Since I am Jewish, I feel obliged to denounce NJDC in the strongest possible terms and emphasize that I regard Evangelicals as friends and NJDC as the enemy.) From “Propaganda and Children during the Hitler Years” by Mary Mills at Nizkor’s Web site,

"Drawing on several centuries of anti-semitism, Bauer intensifies her anti-semitic assault by making the virtuous German the object of the Jewish hate. …An example of this concept of the Jew as a Christian-hater occurs in Uncovered Jewry, Or A Thorough And Truthful Report About The Horrible Ways The Hidden Jews Desecrate The Holy Trinity."

In other words, NJDC actually posted what turns out to be relabeled and repackaged anti-Semitic propaganda from genuine Nazis. This organization is in no position to tell anybody who is or is not anti-Semitic.