Saturday, February 3, 2007

Is Romney Different?

By David M. McEntire

Public administration theorist Paul Appleby attempts to describe how government is different than business. He succeeds on many points. However, I disagree with Appleby as he submits few business executives are fit for public service.

Appleby writes:

"In my judgment no on can serve the public as it should be served by a government official unless he has a public-interest...Even possessed of patriotism and zeal, the most capable business executive in the country might be a most dismal failure in government."

Appleby continues, "It is instructive to observe that big businessmen who have inherited large business interest seem, on the average, to be better bets for government service than those of the self-made variety."

Appleby later concedes, "Politicians inevitable rub up against more considerations; they tend to be more broadly stimulated. Thus any man of political inclinations who has had organizational en executive experience would be a superior prospect for success as a public official for the reason that he would, almost inevitable, have developed breadth of view and a public-interest attitude" (Government is Different, Big Democracy; 1945).

I respectfully submit that Mitt Romney is an excellent candidate for presidency because his "different" business and public knowledge, skills, and abilities qualify him.

Your thoughts?


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