Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Rominator

Okay, so the governator (Arnold) has started looking more and more like a RINO...but imagine the star power of a Romney/Schwarzenegger ticket! They both are outsiders to Washington...and both have got a lot done as govs in their respective states.

Does the constitution allow for a Veep that is not born in the US?

Note: MittRocks has no info that would imply that Mitt would choose Arnold as a running mate...but we just wanted to throw it out there.

Actually, the idea first came from an anonymous comment. It read:

The ticket that would be irresistable to the celebrity seduced American people during a time of war? ROMNEY/SCHWARZENEGGAR. What a show of moral (Romney) and physical (Schwarzie) strength. Arnold brings in the west coast, star power, and the Kennedy family charisma. Romney actually has the skills to run the country. Besides, Arnold might benefit from a little religion. What do you think? Comments? Complaints? Doubts?
Mitt rocks will say at least this: it is an entertaining thought...


Anonymous said...

I feel so validated the way you brought my humble comment to life with illustrations and title and everything. This is my favorite site right after the one where Spiderman is doing the Electric Slide. Gotta crank the volume way up on that one to get the full effect. No, no, YOU guys rock.

Anonymous said...

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