Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Mitt's ELECT-ric ! (2008 remix)

Q: What do modernized poll booths and a line dancers have in common while dancing the "boogie-woogie?"

A: They shout "Mitt's Electric!"

Remember where you heard it first...Mitt Rockers know Mitt's ELECT-Romnic! Come on, dance the "Elect - Mitt Slide!"

That's right...2008 elections will be "electric," full on non-stop action and energy!

If you don't believe us, or, if you want to learn like a pro, see for yourself @ the official:

"Electric Slide" site.

-David McEntire


David Alvord said...

The thing I love about this post is the link...
You will see "voltron" dancing with spiderman...classic kitchy!

moms4mitt said...

Oh my!! That'll take ya back!!

David said...

What are the chances we get Mitt to do the "Elect - Mitt" slide at a forthcoming convention? Mitt, we double-dare you!

Anonymous said...

Now that just replaced Mymanmitt as my favorite site. Spiderman did it for me.

longge said...

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Anonymous said...

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