Monday, February 12, 2007

Utah Newspapers Weigh-in With Mitt

The Salt Lake Tribune writes an article titled, Grasping Mitt. I have a hard time "grasping" the intent of this article. I am unable to tell if this is an attempted critique of Mitt, or a press release on Mitt's history.

The Deseret News writes a "feel good" article on how Mitt's religious dynamic is relating to his 2008 presidential candidacy. Read, "Romney Tackling Issue of His Religion Head-on."

I am excited for local and national newspapers to begin reporting on more solid topics, such as:
  • Mitt's knowledge, skills and abilities to handle to war on Iraq.
  • Mitt's qualifications and ability to handle the nation's teletic economical needs.
  • Mitt's ability to surround issues with the right leadership.
  • Not just pointing out peculiarities/differences of Mitt's Mormon faith, rather, studying how his faith will play a healthy factor in esteeming humanity throughout the world.
-David M. McEntire


Anonymous said...

Honestly, have we beaten the stuffing out of the religious issue sufficiently already? Can we get on to political issues? I don't even bother to read articles that have the words Mormon and Mitt juxtaposed anymore, 'cause we all know where it's heading already. Love your site, by the way.

Anonymous said...

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