Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Romney is bona fide pro-life!

Yesterday's announcement that Mitt has the support of James Bopp, Jr should lay aside any concerns that Mitt is pro-choice.

"For almost three decades, Jim has been at the center of the fight to protect the sanctity of human life. Representing numerous national and state pro-life and pro-family organizations, he has helped defend the rights of those seeking to promote life," said Governor Romney."

Mitt may have flipped on this issue...but he hasn't flopped the other way. And believe me when I say that I will be the first to call him a flip-flopper in the unlikely event that he goes the other way...

Actions speak louder than words:

"As Governor, Mitt Romney has stood side-by-side with those seeking to protect the weakest and most innocent of our society. In one of our country's most liberal states, he has acted to protect the sanctity of life. Governor Romney's record on fundamental life issues is one of not just words but action. I am proud to count myself among his supporters."