Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Rush: The Left is going hard after Romney's religion because he scares them

We at Mitt Rocks have been waiting for Rush to mention Mitt. And now he has...and did so in a very good and positive way.

You will notice that Rush explains that the Left wants to destroy every conservative out there. For Rush to call someone a conservative, he must be a conservative!

RUSH: Let me explain the difference in this Mitt Romney business and the way Democrats are treated in this regard. Ted Kennedy's father -- we're not talking about a great-grandfather or great-great grandfather; we're talking about father. Ted Kennedy's father was a Third Reich sympathizer. Franklin Delano Roosevelt had to pull him as ambassador of the Court of Saint James. (For those of you in Rio Linda, that's Great Britain.) He had to pull him out of there because he was a sympathizer to the Third Reich. Now, we don't hold this against Teddy. Teddy had nothing to do with that. Just as we don't hold Mitt Romney's grandfather, or great-grandfather, against him. But the lib media, the Drive-Bys, are definitely trying to do that. You take a look at who the media really goes after and you've gotta wonder whether there's fear there, fear driving it. Well, they just want to destroy every conservative they can. It's just part and parcel of the agenda that exists.

Rush also points out that Sen. Obama's father was a bigamist! Let us remember that fact next time the media wants the sins of the fathers answered upon the heads of the children.


Anonymous said...


He was for abortion, before he was against it.
He was for gay rights, before he was against it.
He was for gun control, before he was against it.

Folks! Go to YouTube to see the truth.


Anonymous said...

No, the right is going hard after Romney because of his religion, and Rush is trying to pin it on liberals.

Mitt Rockers said...

Give me a break! None of these issues is simple enough to be either "for" or "against". Yes, Mitt's stance on abortion has moved due to a conversion, but his gay rights stance has remained the same and his gun control stance has remained the same. (In the past he supported the Brady Bill, but now that instant background checks are the norm, that stance is a moot point).

Anonymous said...

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