Tuesday, November 13, 2007

For Romney, the outliers come first

by David Alvord

Today's Rasmussen Report puts Romney in second place nationally. See link here

This is the first time that the National polls are starting to catch up with what Mitt Rocks! has been making the case for these past six months!

Some may say that this is an outliers poll, but I have observed that whenever Romney shows higher on any poll, the others will soon follow. It has to do with the trends of Romney's campaign. And finally, people are starting to get to know Mitt. Had Sept. 11 happened to Massachusetts during Romney's term, we'd all be asking "Giuliani who"? The press loves to criticize the Romney campaign's spending. But how else would a candidate become known? Mitt is a self-made politician. He did not star in a prime-time television show. He was not Mayor of a city that was hit by one of the most horrific and visually stunning attacks in modern history. No, Mitt's success has come by hard work, sacrifice, and brains. I have to wonder, had Romney been mayor of New York, would the twin towers have already been rebuilt?

Look out Rudy, the socially conservative Republicans are split between Romney, Thompson, and Huckabee. But soon, they will coalesce around the most viable candidate: Mitt Romney.

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