Monday, November 5, 2007

Rasmussen Poll Shows Romney Closing the Gap on Guiliani

A poll released today by the highly respected Rasmussen Reports shows Mitt Romney quickly closing the gap on Rudy Giuliani. Whereas 61% believe it is very likely or somewhat likely that Rudy will get the Republican nomination, 43% percent now believe it will be Romney. McCain (32%) and Thompson (30%) are now a distant third and fourth. These new numbers demonstrate a huge increase in support for Governor Romney, who until recently was considered by some to be a long shot. Romney is already leading by a wide margin in the early voting states of Iowa of New Hampshire. With momentum gained from those early victories he could easily surpass Giuliani in the next few months. Rudy should brace himself for what could be the biggest battle of his political life. Mitt Romney is for real. To see the full text of the report click here.

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